do you remember the garden?

where you sat in connection with and supportive protection of all that were there with you? in forms and not in/of forms? in & out of Body, of Elements (Earth, Air, fiRe, waTer), and in space (h) with Spirit?

do you remember the joy experienced in communion with?

josie meditates on forest floor

I am beginning to remember

As I garden with body, earth, and spirit
As I tend to and cultivate the relation betwixt 1-2-3

I, You, We

I share gratitude to us 3

Soul, Body, Spirit
Earth, Family, Community
Angels, Ancestors, more

For being
For guiding & supporting our walks
For walking & working with us

I share gratitude to us 3


Are you open to receive more?
When we open, we then release more.

Can we love the duality,
and open to what’s beyond?

Can we heal and grow, with harmonious ease and effort, amidst the constant changes?

While Being us? Shining our innate gift of existence through?

Can we move with compassion for our body and our earth and our spirit? In inter-relations with?

To experience our gardens grow, where we can enjoy the rhythms and cycles of our beings together.

We gather 3. In bodies, earth, and spirits.

You are welcome to join us. To walk with us at times. In honouring our personal agency, in accepting all of us. Shadows and light and shit. Intersectional, inspiritational, and multiplicitous us. :p

Do you wish to step in?


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