Welcome dear soul

I honour you, and what has brought you here now. I respect your journey of healing and growth.
I welcome all aspects of you, your current perspectives and pathways of expressing true you.

We are nature

We can listen further to the great teachers of earth, the elements, planets, and stars.
We can feel more of our loving connection and support while growing our capacity.
We can trust in self and all that is.
We can be in greater harmony. One All.

josie is in the water with trees behind her and is listening with one ear to the water
josie kneels as light streams down

Hi! I am Josie

Grateful to connect with You!

I work with conscious beings in growing more ease as they move through time & space. This can assist in gaining more internal strength and peace with the cycles of healing and growth along our life paths. When you wish to see beyond your current perspective, cultivate and nourish your connection to your loving center, I am here to assist with the support of all that encompasses spirit. 

My work is with relations, the love & trust we have in self, with others, and with spirit. Relationships grow over time as we further connect and trust each other. Trust develops over time, and I am open to cultivate it. By honouring our mutual boundaries, and that they will shift as we shift, we can come to agreements that honour us both on our walk together. 

May we move through the cycles of healing and growth with grace. May we trust and open to each other’s supportive and loving connection, one that allows choice and full expressions of self always. 

Grateful to be in relations, however you so choose within the cycles of time and as we move with more ease through space. I know that spirit supports and protects you always.

Loving connection of the I, You, & We

how do you wish to connect?

Where is home?

I live with Paco, my dog familiar, in Toronto, Canada. Toronto comes from the indigenous word, “Tkaronto”, meaning “place where trees stand in the water”. Nature is my greatest teacher, the elements are my co-creators. I endeavour to stand with the supportive wisdom of our tree ancestors, as I fluidly move with intuitive guidance and spirit. My indigenous blood & ancestry are not from these lands. But Earth Mother, the plants, trees and animals have helped guide me how to connect to the ancient ancestry that we all share. To access the unconditional love from the land. I continue to learn from elders & earthkeepers, those that carry their lineage’s wisdom & bring forward the connections of our ancient relations, ways of healing,  honouring & supporting each other. A global community of kin in connection to the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars. 

I am so grateful to have connected to this land that I was born on, as well as have returned to, time and time again. This land that shares so much medicine, love & ancient wisdom. This land – Turtle Island – that asks for our loving connection, as well as to support the earthkeepers. I acknowledge this land that I currently reside on, are the sacred lands of the Anishinabewaki, the Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat peoples. They also are home to many First nations & World Indigenous peoples. I am in deep gratitude for these wisdomkeepers keeping the original ways of kinship alive. I continue to explore my connection to the land, yet also sit with the discomfort of being on taken land. May we heal the old ways of ownership, and further our conversation with the earth and it’s indigenous keepers on how to experience more ways of sacred reciprocity.

I believe in ayni, an energetic reciprocity as described by the Q’ero paqos (shamans) of Peru. I have a strong affinity to the Andean energy healers, for some of my ancestors share this lineage. Ayni carries the hope, or the intention to give and receive energy with Love. I trust that my work aligned with spirit will support my life, as well as be able to share support with a growing community of peoples that protect and sustain all that is sacred. Our home. Our kin. You.

“Josie, you are an amazing human being and I will forever be grateful for our paths to have met! Practicing with you lit a passion and light within me that has only grown stronger and brighter with time. And your mentorship and guidance has always been there for me. From yoga and meditations, to the deep conversations on spiritual awakenings, you have always supported and enriched my knowledge. And now, although we are miles and miles away, you have provided such a wonderful platform for me and so many others to share our journeys, a safe and comfortable space where we can share and grow together.

Your enormous pool of knowledge and experience with spiritual and energetic work has been extremely helpful in my journey as a yoga teacher! You have a beautiful gift of sharing from your experiences so openly and so comfortably which I appreciate so much as a student. You have always provided such practical and useful tools that can be applied to day to day practices which are helping me grow and evolve each and every day! 

THANK YOU Josie, you ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING HUMAN BEING!!!! You’re a gift to this world  and I will always and forever be grateful that our paths crossed! To many many more practices and sessions to come!

– MAHA B., Bahrain


Connect for More. Gifts, presence, heart.

space + time * us

Asset 1
tIMe is a series of cycles
of events
of marker points
that Move
through space towards
other points
SPace brings you safety, protection & connection between you & another 1
Asset 5
tap into all that is your
Knowing & Known
ConneCt to your gifts
Your medicine
Your currentC
commit to change

Access Love while moving with ease through time, space & consciousness