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Welcome dear soul!

I am Josie Amoni Mim, wisdomkeeper of the movement key. Movement shares the constant that is change. Energy moves within us and around us. "-ment' also denotes the mental work it takes to allow the shifts - those shifts of perspective, that enable us to step out of the polarities we may feel stuck in.

We all carry a Key

The power to open, unlock and access more of self, spirit and all that is. To acclimate further to your gifts that are unique to you. Those gifts that will allow deep healing and expansion, furthering your walk on your path true.


You choose your path

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Moving Beyond the Binary~

I am so grateful to be in connection. I always trust that our connection has been guided by our hearts & spirit. I share gratitude to Source energy and our heartlink that has brought forth an interest in furthering our relations. 

I am guided by my heart. That carries the energy frequency of truth. That shares the acceptance of all personal paths to discovering union of self – all that is body, soul and spirit. That navigates ways to allow the gathering of all that we have carried, to transmute that which no longer serves us, and to further align to the creator energy of the elements within and around us – of fire, water, air and earth. That shares the link to our greater ecosystem, that enables harmony within to then reflect within our lives, our relations and our service.

I promise to journey in truth, honouring our current will change as we heal and grow. I trust in the current, and surrender to all that is for the greater good of All.


space + time * us

Asset 1
tIMe is a series of cycles
of events
of marker points
that Move
through & towards
other points
SPace brings you safety, protection & connection between you & another 1
Asset 5
tap into all that is your
Knowing & Known
Asset 6
ConneCt to your gifts
Your medicine
Your currentC

~ Energy Medicine ~
Remembering all that you are through time & space


Connect for More. Gifts, presence, heart.

“Josie, you are an amazing human being and I will forever be grateful for our paths to have met! Practicing with you lit a passion and light within me that has only grown stronger and brighter with time. And your mentorship and guidance has always been there for me. From yoga and meditations, to the deep conversations on spiritual awakenings, you have always supported and enriched my knowledge. And now, although we are miles and miles away, you have provided such a wonderful platform for me and so many others to share our journeys, a safe and comfortable space where we can share and grow together. Your enormous pool of knowledge and experience with spiritual and energetic work has been extremely helpful in my journey as a yoga teacher! You have a beautiful gift of sharing from your experiences so openly and so comfortably which I appreciate so much as a student. You have always provided such practical and useful tools that can be applied to day to day practices which are helping me grow and evolve each and every day! 

THANK YOU Josie, you ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING HUMAN BEING!!!! You’re a gift to this world  and I will always and forever be grateful that our paths crossed! To many many more practices and sessions to come!

MAHA B., Bahrain

withIN relAtiOns

we weave


iN Collaborations
YoU - I - We

Gather all aspects of You. Safely travel between Self, Spirit, One & All. Between, through & beyond.