josie walks through forest and looks up at light

What has brought you here?

Are you curious to explore more of Body, Earth, &/ Spirit connections with an experienced guide?

What are you open to?

What further insights are you open to, beyond any current perceived limits?

Welcome! All of You -

...the shadows, the light, and all that’s between.

Fill your body with air, breathe deeply into your life current, do you feel it? You are vitally alive Here and Now!

Sense your form, press into the ground and discover all that you are connected to. Can you hear the rhythm of your inner waters and fire?

You are magnificent.

josie-embraces sky-while-in-water-arms-raised

What do you wish to experience?

Are you willing to dream, to create, or open to more of what is possible for you and yours?

Are you willing to accommodate more joy and freedom within your whole body and being?

this is a journey of remembering,

where you can encounter the many stories that you carry, and discover your medicine and wisdom bundled within.

soul work supported by Spirit

josie smiles in a robe in the forest looking out at the water


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