2 people look up at trees in forest

constantly changing

energies of air, water, fire, earth, and space,
moving, and breathing
in connections with body & earth,
learning to walk with ways that support life, while unraveling what's been grooved in that doesn't

let's breathe & remember

~ in reciprocal relations, in our capacity of presence, over time and spaces,
~ amongst all the fluxes and flows
~ amongst all that is known & unknown
~ aware of our current connections to our body, of earth, air, water, fire & aether

Photo by Mila Young on Unsplash
Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

let's practice together

~ meditations to support body & earth
~ meditation journeys with Spirit
~ private adventures collaborated upon

Hello! My name is Josi

i am a teacher, who has been studying & practicing with the energies of our bodies, earth, and Spirit for over 30 years

i have an immense joy of learning, so I dove in with curiosity and wonder at all our body and earth has for us to explore. i learned of the yoga practices and philosophies, first learning of meditation at a young age, which led to further branches of practice that proceeded to open pathways experience in the body, and how it interconnected to the energy sensed in the earth, it’s elements, teachers, and all that is to be discovered in the space between. This led to study with Reiki, symbols and sacred geometry, energy medicine, and of course, as my awareness expanded, in further communications with Spirit, be it ancestor, ancient, or those most Divine.

You see, as you become further aware of your energy in body and earth, and how it can support eachother, it assists an immense learning ground on how to coexist with not only humans, but animals, our lands and waters. Then as we further traverse the realms of consciousness with Spirit, we can learn and unlearn in a pace that supports us being better humans, moving responsibly and purposefully, to support further harmony in body, home, and hopefully, in the emergence of new systems of relations and coexistence in our world. How can we further relate to our earth and our bodies needs, to greater assess how to adjust our ways to extend our compassion beyond what may be perceived or previously taught?

i would love to see more energy teachings, of body, earth, and spirit, be shared freely, for many of us have had our knowledge of energy forgotten or taken from our generations before us. Working with ancestors, the elements, and our bodies, discovering how all of these can be in a harmonic equilibrium as we gently pace ourselves through the necessary actions to remedy what our self work supports us with. 

The groups and private work I share are there for us to connect and practice together, in humble study of how these gifts of connections can further support our walk here, to allow us strength to Be, in body, in relations to Earth, humans, animals, and more. I am honoured to facilitate connections, as well as further transmissions in our shared time together.

You can connect with me on my youtube channel for videos on:

  • subtle energy practices
  • body earth meditations
  • working with the moon & sun cycles, in congruence with our energy, in order to support our healing & growth cycles
  • the connections between collective & self liberation
  • Akasha, aether, and the compendium of wisdom to experience
  • guidance for your connections with Spirit

to explore what i offer in online practice groups and privately, you are welcome to read further

I look forward to facilitating sessions that are shared in reciprocity, to support further connections with your body, our earth, and the many defined and divined of Spirit. 

In the practice of presence, fostering trust over time.


Subtle energy has shared some truths:

  • every human being carries a unique “cake mix” of subtle internal ingredients that, as explored, can share with you further capacity, strength, and trust in you. 
  • we are constantly expanding consciousness and in the process of change, so we can slow down to witness and experience life. we can honour this learning as the life journey it is!
  • our human body has the capacity to transmute energies, release energy, as well as grow more possibilities. with gentle support, we can then face the shadowy parts of us that have been inhibiting our natural functionings.

(This is not for you if)

  • you are homophobic, racist, transphobic, sexist, ableist (this space will not be safe & supportive for you, for this is an accountable space, be it in solo or in group, and the aforementioned are not tolerated)
  • you are unable to share consent, or not willing to take responsibility/accountability
  • you are not open to different perspectives, and enjoy your current perceptions in their totality
  • you are not willing to step in on equal ground: we both carry wisdom, supremacist consciousness is not tolerated. this means, i share works that are anti-authoritarian & anti-capitalist, centered in equality, justice, and liberation. we step in to foster further relations and trust.

Travel Maps for the SOul

Millford sound waterfall New Zealand by Phil Botha

Breath & Meditation

I honour that Breath is and has always been my saving grace. Supporting me amongst the multiple mishaps and trials in life with other humans. Meditation has been my practice for as long as i can remember, and i trust it will continue to support my explorations of consciousness and realms of awareness, whilst clearing and upholding the space of mind. Some of the biggest limits in our movements and choices, amidst all of the flux and flows, can come from within our own mind. Our mind at times can bind our body from it’s most powerful capacity, to create and generate more.

Meditation is an incredibly supportive practice that allows us to work in experiencing and witnessing our energy being, learning to work with our breath and consciousness, to support our walk and our works. With practice, it can assist you in moving beyond our mind’s perceived ‘limited functionings’, in order to shift, or open perspective.  

It may help you breathe deeper, listen more, and be able to soften the edges of your sights triggered from past hurts and harms. It can allow a greater compassion to grow, just like the lotus that sits in the pool, and is rooted in the muck. 

Breath and Meditation are not to push us out of our body, into a non-relational space of ‘I am Better than You, or Them’. They actually support us in harmonizing betwixt differences and discovering the beauty in our unique creational expressions.

On my Youtube support channel, I share meditations to move beyond the fluctuations that have caught our attention, to honour our capacity to regulate our energy beings, and to support body, earth, and spirit connections. Meditations are added as guided, to further connect our cycles and rhythms in harmony with our Body, Earth, Moon, Sun, stars, planets, and more. Some meditations may not be shared publicly, which does not mean that they are not-accessible to you. They simply require further circle support and connection. We can experience them together, be it solo, or in group.

Enjoy breath & mind practices, available freely to all, available on my Youtube channel.


Studentship & Transmutation

I endeavour to continue to learn with Spirit & Soul, of the constant changing movements within us humans, of this Earth, and the many subtle realms between and beyond. I honour what is sensed and felt energetically by me is then part of my responsibility to transmute amongst my daily practices of energy hygiene and self-care rituals. 

Many of us weren’t taught as children, or even as adults, of our energy capacity, Spirit, or soul; it’s movements and capabilities, as well as how to interact without unnecessary harm to others. Some of us were even taught to NOT listen to our intuition, that it was scary, or the work of evil. Hence, many possibly confusing years (decades??) of not-trusting, or no-faith in your gifted intuition,  or your body’s capacity to move energies in to out, out to in, through, and more.

Energy consumption and conservation practices are not just for the energy we light our homes with! They extend into our energetic bodies, where we carry the knowing of how to chew on things, or spit things out. We also can digest and expel energy. We are capable to move with our own unique ‘optimal energetic functionings & flows’, amidst the chaos and flux that comes in co-existence and co-creation.

Since this is missing in our education systems, I do share some energy teachings, plus endeavour to further learn of our energy capacity. These are practices & processes to support your self/home-work. You can reference these videos on my YouTube channel, for your own personal study, as well as to support you within our works together. Oracle guidance is timeless (out of time) and can support you in your remembrance of your original gifts as a Human Being. You are also more than welcome to join us in our Divination community space, held on Patreon.


Join our community

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debbie m
“Being mentored by Josie has been such a beautiful journey of getting to know and accept ALL parts of self especially the parts that we’ve been conditioned to hide away in shame. It’s been about learning to create boundaries and then learning how to let them morph and flow as you morph and flow. With Josie’s guidance, I’ve begun to honour my own natural cycles instead of forcing myself to push through. She’s helped me access my connection to my Spirit team, Source Creator, my Ancestors, my Divine self and my gifts.
My one-on-one sessions with Josie have allowed me to feel truly seen, heard, and accepted for who I am and where I am in my journey Now. Josie has gently guided me to look at past traumas with a different lens and an open heart so that I can heal that which is ready to be healed, and acknowledge and honour what isn’t yet quite ready. This mentorship with Josie has been such a gift and has truly made a profound difference in my life.”
debbie m
wafa a.
“I have talked to many energy healers during my awakening process, but never felt that anybody could understand my language as much as Josie did, she could read me without talking and made me feel so comfortable that what ever I am going through is part of the journey. Her loving words, sweet attitude and the care that she provides during and after the session are just super great. I am so lucky that God put her in my healing path when I felt so lonely during my journey. I love you Josie”
“Stepping into my true self while reconnecting and awakening to my gifts has been a truly wonderful experience thanks to Josie’s guidance, support and teachings. I am deeply grateful to have her as my mentor on this beautiful journey. With love and gratitude.”
riquel corder
“Working with you in Circle has been that gentle, soft, yet STRONG place to land. To ground. Working with you in Circle, even through YouTube and your Oracle Live readings, your New and Full Moon readings, have been the safe places that I’ve always wanted.

That space where I feel seen, understood, respected, and loved. I am so grateful for your presence here on Earth at this time, coincidentally coinciding with mine.”
“Josie is a wonderful guide through self. They are very thoughtful and aware of themselves and the power of their words and space. There is so much knowledge she has to offer and it was a real pleasure to discover and connect. I have deeply grown from the time knowing Josie and the spaces she has created, and feel so much more joy and inner peace in my life.”
“I’ve experienced so much growth working and studying with Josie. Yes, she brings years of experience and knowledge through yoga, meditation, energy work and intuitive connection. But what has allowed for such transformation for me is being in the space she holds, the circle where we explore and grow our personal empowerment and create unconditional support for all in community. Working with Josie has been part of my personal practice for several years and more to come.”
vanessa r.
“Josie made me feel at home upon our very first meeting, which was no small feat considering I'm usually a pretty nervous creature. It's amazing to me how she often offers exactly what I need without me having to say a word. I have experienced many synchronicities in her presence and I'm convinced our paths were meant to cross. You couldn't find a more compassionate and empowering teacher. She is a true energy artist and helped me grow through several shifts. I'm very grateful to be able to work with such a passion driven guide.”
“I met Josie through an inner child zoom call they offered and initially loved their grounded maturity and playfulness in the kraft. Josie helped me Journey through different parts of myself as I felt support in coming to/from my inner sanctuary and through different Initiation rights with my guidance team and the elements. This process was so empowering for me to learn first hand how to journey, setup sacred space and hone my own intuitive skills with greater ease. I loved the initial embodied check in and dialogue we did pre journeying as it really helped me ask questions and get greater clarity within the process. Josie’s direct, curious & receptive nature really helped me feel heard and safe to express myself.

It was a pleasure journeying with them through time, space, consciousness and dimensions. Infinite blessings to the work and the greater collective journey we are all apart of.”
shooq a.
“Josie came into my life when I really needed to get the work done. I was trying to get through a hard time that seemed to have no end, it all seemed to be impossible and no matter what I did I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere, things were on repeat, that made me feel so hopeless.

We started with one thing and kept at it until I felt like we worked through it all together. Her work is much more than energy healing or meditation to reach a point or place, with her there was empowerment, honest and truly in-depth discussions, exercises, tools and life skills. I love that working with her was holistic, she is generous with her time and energy, she is caring and her wisdom infectious, more so she is so open, humble, compassionate and loving in her work. I felt like I could trust her more and more with time. Things discussed manifested to say the least.

My life has seen massive shifts, and that’s thanks to the work we did together. All the work I did before also had a limitation of energy or outer space that I had no control of, she’s able to access that which sometimes is the missing link in wanting to do the work and actually getting it done.”
“I was connected with Josie 5 months after my nervous breakdown. I took a leave of absence from my corporate job to prioritize my healing. I sought help through traditional channels such as psychotherapy and medication which was a slow and depressing process. I needed a deeper kind of healing. My session with Josie was like psychotherapy for the spirit. Josie’s oracle medicine stayed with me for 3 months following our first session and the symbolisms and connections built momentum over time. My journey towards wholeness and hopefulness took a giant leap forward following my time with Josie. I felt both euphoric and grounded in her presence. I believe this kind of work to be necessary and invaluable… I consider these sessions to be an investment in self growth. Any individual lucky enough to cross paths with Josie will be elevated to a new way of being.”
“Josie’s mentorship changed my life. That sounds extreme, but the increase in understanding means I finally engage with and enjoy myself and my life. Friends have even complemented my growth and aura. Thank you Josie.”
“Divine sister and one of my spiritual guidance on my healing journey. We met many years ago by those coincidence in life during our travels in South America. She is a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, yoga teacher, and much more. She is full of joy, truth, wisdom and love. one of the most kindness person on earth. I admire her strength and vast knowledge and impeccably service to her community and clients. How lucky I am to have a friend like you. Thank you for being you."
jaime verk
“Josie is a kind, compassionate and powerful healer. She possesses a deep respect for the teachings that she shares very generously. It has been such a pleasure to learn from her. She pushes you to expand your mind and develop your gifts feeling fully held and supported along the journey. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from such a grounded teacher. The tools I have developed through her guidance have allowed me to feel more confident and able as an intuitive energy healer. Josie you are so loved and respected. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to open to the world of energy medicine and spiritual guidance.”
pamela p.
“Life is such a truly remarkable thing, Josie and I met 15 years ago through a marriage. Little did I know that she would become such a catallistic part of the healing that would take place while on my journey. I don’t think I’ve ever personally known anyone that is driven by such passion or for such a unique goal as to actively create a safe and healing community.

I am deeply grateful for the time that I’ve been blessed to spend under Josie’s healing wing. She has relieved my troubled heart and mind in such a resounding way on numerous occasions. Josie is a gracious and knowledgeable teacher and true healer. I’m amazed at her knowledge and gift to relay information about energy so that anyone can understand it and access it. Her divine energy healing and teaching has lifted me to the secure and focused place that I find myself in now.”
"Josie, you are an amazing human being and I will forever be grateful for our paths to have met! Practicing with you lit a passion and light within me that has only grown stronger and brighter with time. And your mentorship and guidance has always been there for me. From yoga and meditations, to the deep conversations on spiritual awakenings, you have always supported and enriched my knowledge. And now, although we are miles and miles away, you have provided such a wonderful platform for me and so many others to share our journeys, a safe and comfortable space where we can share and grow together.
Your enormous pool of knowledge and experience with spiritual and energetic work has been extremely helpful in my journey as a yoga teacher! You have a beautiful gift of sharing from your experiences so openly and so comfortably which I appreciate so much as a student. You have always provided such practical and useful tools that can be applied to day to day practices which are helping me grow and evolve each and every day!
THANK YOU Josie, you ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING HUMAN BEING!!!! You’re a gift to this world and I will always and forever be grateful that our paths crossed! To many many more practices and sessions to come!
“Working with Josie has been a beautiful experience. I came into this relationship with very little experience in energy work. I found Josie to be extremely knowledgeable and put me right at ease. Every encounter has brought me deeper into my energetic journey. I have also gifted her services to others who have fallen in love with Josie’s work as well. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity you are ready for.”
“I recently completed my Reiki training with Josie H and I have two words: "Life Transforming". I have experienced a deeper connection to self and healing in a loving, safe and nurturing environment. This has given me the tools to continue to self heal and to transfer that healing to others. This has truly been a blessing.”
“'I've worked with Josie for the past four months and already feel an immense awareness and change within all my bodies. Not only did she help me understand myself and energy, but also how to protect and nurture it. I look forward to our sacred sessions and alway feel supported and heard (she's a great listener).”
“I’ve worked with and have been healed by Josie for over 12 years. Through distance and time she has remained absolutely her: the most authentic being I’ve encountered through many years of the yoga & psychiatric spaces wherein a true human is hard to come by. Josie has not only educated me physically but has helped me emotionally through some of the most trying moments of my life, each time turning up with a smile. There is no one I could recommend more if you’re in need of a teacher / friend / mediator. It’s almost impossible to write about her because words do not do her justice.”
"Josie is one of the most incredible and numinous yoga teachers I have ever had the honour of being a student of. She has this ingenious and seemingly magical ability to integrate profound thematic elements drawn from her own life wisdom into the flow of her classes, imbuing them not only with a powerful transformational element that deepens mind-body connections but also engages one in the rich textures of life itself. Her remarks may at once be funny, adding lightness to a particular difficult pose that can help us transcend adversity and then at once she can be equally demanding upon our true strength within to come out and unfold with the conviction of one who knows that essential strength of the human spirit only too well. Josie is a living example, in fact, of this indomitable spirit, lightness in being and resolute in power. You literally open yourself to being changed for the better by Josie's classes. Josie also has a beautiful loving nature, very jocose, making all feel part of her extended community of friends. Her radiant maturity and lived wisdom are deeply inspiring. I always look forward to her classes and even arrange my week accordingly. In short, Josie lifts us up where we all belong and I am honoured to know her and be her student."
“Josie is an amazing healer. I had never experienced energy work until I worked with Josie and it truly blew my mind; the physical sensations, as well as the calming and grounding that I experienced internally. Josie is confident and strong, combining that with being gentle and compassionate at the same time. I have no hesitation in recommending Josie. She is a joy to work with and to learn from, and I miss our sessions greatly. I am truly thankful for having met Josie and for her introduction to the beautiful energy of Reiki”
“Josie is a beautiful soul that loves to share and help, in our journey together I’m feeling closer to myself, this is because she is authentic and truthful which really helped me innerstand how to more trust divine timing and how to be in better connection with my spirit, soul and all."
“Josie has a loving spirit that helps you feel taken care of and peaceful. Through our session together I was able to clarify how I could move forward in my career to best serve my students & to fuel my passion for teaching. I am forever grateful to her for her gentle guidance and am certain that I would not have the successful career that I presently enjoy if it wasn’t for her guidance. Thank you Josie!”
“When I think of Josie H. many interesting words run through my mind. Words like commitment, community, openness, and growth. The kind of words that I would never take for granted, the kind of words that make me feel very grateful for having crossed paths with such an important human being. Josie is a wonderfully gifted and gracious Senior Yoga Instructor who also also happens to live her yoga practice every day. Josie's commitment to her craft and her willingness to personal growth / development as a Yoga Instructor mirrors her dynamic personality and zest for life. In a world that's constantly changing and a society that continues to evolve, I can always count on Josie to introduce fresh idea's and different techniques to all levels of yoga practice. Not only has Josie aided in the transformation of my personal yoga practice, she's also actively involved with raising the earth's collective vibrations through setting positive intensions, fundraising, collaborating with others, and simply being aware and getting involved. Josie is truly a yogic inspiration for all to experience and a model citizen of the 21st century. "
“My sessions with Josie have been abundantly healing and transforming. She creates a really sacred safe space where I always feel comfortable and accepted sharing with her. Her guidance and healing tools have been a tremendous help along my journey, always knowing just what my spirit needs. Josie has helped me take back my own power, always reminded me that I am my own healer and provided an immense amount of support, tools and genuine care along the way. If it weren’t for our sessions together I truly don’t know where I would be – and for that I am eternally grateful!”
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