If I began with
You are safe and you are so Loved

Would you believe it?

Or, would you exit quickly? or step into the process of teetering between thoughts, feelings, and movements of so much (in us & with us) to process and be open to in connections to body, earth, and more?

josie walks through forest and looks up at light
josiestands by water and trees and looks to water by left

Would that make you step out, shine bright?

You can, you know.

This can be what let’s you step out or, well, come in.

To what can be accessed in discovering how to Be with, in loving connection to body, earth, and more.
I welcome you. You are welcome. We are well, come!

But – there will be boundaries, as we grow our capacity to be responsible Be’s (movers in spaces and places in space). A place to viscerally, sensationally, EXPERIENCE YOUuuuuus, the aspects of stepping into your Being, and Body, with support.


Hmmm.. How can I harmonize that well? How can I feel balanced and aligned in me? In my surroundings? In my relationships? How can I do this to feel more allowance to receive what’s in store as I accept what’s in me?

what is most sacred?

josie in forest working with energy

I am sacred. Among the awarenesses and movements betwixt more aspects of me, mine and what feels outside of my form and of mine… I discover most sacred connections,and more that does not need to be defined.

And you know what? You are sacred.

(or does it bring up/switch to scared?)

(then can you affirm that you carry something within you that is most sacred?)

(or does that bring up/switch to more scared?)

So why am I here sharing this now?

Because I have consented to mediate betwixt those of form and not, amidst worlds and words of Body, Earth, Spirit, and more. To support further presence in processes with All Who Walk With us and All Who We Move Around With.

Find your center. Where are you now?

Locate I

Then open to the sensations of AM

Feel the order & chaos of Being

Breathing, grounding, creating with

(all the -ings)



Do you wish to begin?

“Josie, you are an amazing human being and I will forever be grateful for our paths to have met! Practicing with you lit a passion and light within me that has only grown stronger and brighter with time. And your mentorship and guidance has always been there for me. From yoga and meditations, to the deep conversations on spiritual awakenings, you have always supported and enriched my knowledge. And now, although we are miles and miles away, you have provided such a wonderful platform for me and so many others to share our journeys, a safe and comfortable space where we can share and grow together.

Your enormous pool of knowledge and experience with spiritual and energetic work has been extremely helpful in my journey as a yoga teacher! You have a beautiful gift of sharing from your experiences so openly and so comfortably which I appreciate so much as a student. You have always provided such practical and useful tools that can be applied to day to day practices which are helping me grow and evolve each and every day! 

THANK YOU Josie, you ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING HUMAN BEING!!!! You’re a gift to this world  and I will always and forever be grateful that our paths crossed! To many many more practices and sessions to come!

– MAHA B., Bahrain


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