Question & Answer

It starts with a nudge, a whisper, an itch. A push, a slap, a discomfort. An initial consent to participate in shifting with the elements, energy of body, spirit, space, all. To work in reciprocity, in conversation with self, spirit, and other self(ves)

You share your questions, concerns, needs, wishes, and more as they come. Trust that all is welcome in truth, and spirit will see through the veils, the traffic that our own lies/confusion may co-create between.

Then Spirit answers. Josie receives and translates through their words and hers combined, through body response, (re)membering, know(ing). They connect to many eyes, many doorways and rooms we can explore, to begin the process of transmuting the medicine received.

Parts of the messages received May unfold over time, so all sessions are recorded. You will have the audio to download after, so you can have it for whenever you get the nudge to (re)listen and open more (in)sight(s).


Work & Play & Rest

In sessions, depending on what you are questioning, welcoming, consenting to, there will always be a mix of work, play, and rest.

Work asks for consciousness and focus, but with more ease. Play asks for child connection, (de)light, a Center of the intention of welcoming Joy. This is processing beauty, gratitude, flow, ease. Then there is a time when you rest, breathe and be, and you receive sound medicine in a separate audio file that shares loving support from all that is love.

Breathe, either way.
Lots of breath work and breath body rest.


SPirit sound sessions

Sounding is vibrational moving energy. It is one of the ancient medicines.

Nukumi Selina shares, “medicine is what may teach or heal us”.  Sound is beautiful, for it honours consent always, you are protected. For if any part of sound is not-welcome, any aspect of your being that shares No, it is honoured.  Sound then becomes noise, and your body responds in ways that are all too familiar. That then asks for a check-in, you to breathe into what’s saying “No”, and see if you are willing to nurture and comfort it, and maybe it will dissipate and you will feel a resounding harmonic “Yes”, which will shift the Noise into Sound medicine.

In spirit sound sessions we honour the noise and the sound.

We ingest the medicine once we have consented, honoured our personal agency and self-care, and then we can chew it, spit it out, digest it, expel it. Continue the process of our body responding to what was sent through sound.
josie gazes directly at you lying on the ground

Over time with spirit sound, your body becomes more trusting that it is not harmful.

Yes, it may share sound and noise, lights and shadows, more and more. But you have also experienced once the transmuting (moving through body and grounding) of what was transponded, you discover clarity, the next steps, you see more of what’s here now and just asks for movement and welcoming to bring it closer to you. While honouring your pace, and ability to still stand strong in your being. 

To feel safer and braver to reach out and grow your roots and branches. To expand your energetic girth with rings of wisdom from what you have seen, breathed in, consumed, ingested and more. The cycle, the process of transducing – consenting to shift inner/outer equilibrium for our healing, mending, and growth. Our capacity then to share more joy from Center of all that we choose to do.

“Working with Josie has been a beautiful experience. I came into this relationship with very little experience in energy work. I found Josie to be extremely knowledgeable and put me right at ease. Every encounter has brought me deeper into my energetic journey. I have also gifted her services to others who have fallen in love with Josie’s work as well. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity you are ready for.”

KRISTA C., Canada

Spirit Sound Sessions

Spirit shares messages through direct channeling (transponding) with Josie. They use oracle cards when needing images to expand upon, and work with connection to breath, body, the elements, every layer- of consent. There will be times when you rest, close your eyes and receive sounds - a mixture of tones, songs, and more from spirit ((an all encompassing term to share what you perceive is other - not you, but there to support)). All is recorded for you to review and replay.

So are you ready to play? 

Honour your choice always. Know this work is incredibly asking us to step onto a third path, beyond the right/wrong, good/bad, judgement, completion, oppression, (and more) duality and walk beyond the binary paths on one that will disperse patterns, disrupt, dispel, and allow us to open and grow more connections. To body, self, earth, spirit, animals, trees, plants, humans, and more that is with(in)(out).

I am encouraged to connect with.

Trust that protection goes both ways. I know that those who choose to journey I am, you are, and we are protected energetically. Those that do not choose will look at all of this and feel/hear only noise.

Sound is word undefined. Words can be sound to some, and noise to others. Choosing to connect and open to both possibilities and knowing there is more, is what allows sound to be(come) an immense amulet that grows from the most central space within and out(s). 

You are so loved. All of you.


So, are you ready?

Then let’s play. Here are the cards. Take a screenshot of the divination (definition).  What do you receive?

Here is the key:

Spirit sessions are in Canadian dollars:

77 (1hr15mins)
144 (2 hrs)
222 (3hrs)

Meditate on it – connect to your Center (meditation link), and allow yourself to see if you receive a “not now”, or another number code. 

These number codes can be smaller or larger currentC, trust what you receive. Once processed, know larger amounts can also be deposits on a longer journey with spirit, depending on additional messages we receive 2gether, or a journey that consists of a bunch of sessions and more.

Once you have your number code, you can book & share payment, or connect via email with your queries. To confirm scheduled time, currentC is required to open the pathway energetically. Trust then that the journey of preparations has begun. To flow and dance with your rhythms and cycles of life. Journal, or take voice notes if you wish, and you are welcome to share them with Josie.

Once currentC is received, we ask that you breathe and feel how it would be on body and energy to receive tenfold. Begin to see what comes with opening to more.

And remember, you can bring all lists, presentations, and notes to share with spirit. It’s a question/answer time together. Through opening to receive experience, observations, thought, memories, knowing, and more.

“I was connected with Josie 5 months after my nervous breakdown. I took a leave of absence from my corporate job to prioritize my healing. I sought help through traditional channels such as psychotherapy and medication which was a slow and depressing process. I needed a deeper kind of healing.  My session with Josie was like psychotherapy for the spirit. Josie’s oracle medicine stayed with me for 3 months following our first session and the symbolisms and connections built momentum over time. My journey towards wholeness and hopefulness took a giant leap forward following my time with Josie. I felt both euphoric and grounded in her presence. I believe this kind of work to be necessary and invaluable… I consider these sessions to be an investment in self growth. Any individual lucky enough to cross paths with Josie will be elevated to a new way of being.”

LILAH T., Canada

Initiate CurrentC for Spirit sound session(s)


$77 CAD


This is one session.


$144 CAD


This is one session.


$222 CAD


This can be one session, or more.


send custom amount

please connect with Josie via email, and payment options will be shared

direct query

$44 CAD


When you have a direct question for spirit. This ranges between 33-44 mins. Have a clearly worded true question ready.



Where you can inquire with any questions prior to making a clear & comforting yes or no decision

“Josie has a loving spirit that helps you feel taken care of and peaceful. Through our session together I was able to clarify how I could move forward in my career to best serve my students & to fuel my passion for teaching. I am forever grateful to her for her gentle guidance and am certain that I would not have the successful career that I presently enjoy if it wasn’t for her guidance. Thank you Josie!”

DIANA M., Canada