WATER – the feminine

You may have heard by now somewhere that the divine feminine is here again… or that we are stepping into the beginnings of a matriarchal system that began in 2012 in young feminine energy, and now it’s reached mother status. What does this all mean? Well, as the white supremacist capitalist patriarchal system begins to fall, there are hints and whispers within us, within our bodies and within those voices whom were most suppressed. Teachings of harmony, of rhythms and resonance and cycles. This is the energy that is shared with the feminine aspect within us. It shares of balance, creativity, nature and feeling. This is not sharing that the solution is another hierarchy, but instead of a supportive community structure.

When I first committed to healing my connection to the divine feminine, it was after an immense trauma experienced. My dog and I were physically attacked in a field just outside of my apartment building at the time. After the initial PTSD subsided, I saw how the people and situations within my life just wanted me to get back to rational robotic productive Josie, instead of allowing myself more time and space to feel and heal. This felt intrinsically wrong in my bones and being, and I had to reassess my boundaries, my circles, my work, and whom I called friends. It was a huge re-evaluation point of my life. For it wasn’t the first time I had experienced trauma, then just brushed off the pain, found other ways to cope (in food and alcohol), and kept on going in the hamster wheel of the oppressive systems.

It’s important to me to share the immensity of our trauma experienced. I do not wish to retraumatize you, for I do not believe that revisiting the attacks, the rapes, the abuse and assault will do anything but trigger. But I do need to mention that I acknowledge your suffering. I see your trauma experienced. In the numbness or stiffness of the body, in the uncertainty whether to speak up and to be you. This oppressive system we are currently dismantling has caused immense trauma. As someone that seemed to bounce from one trauma to another until I was so comfortably numb that I could cope with the terrorizing structures around me, I understand that when I share of what feminine energy is, it may sound more romantic at first than an actual possibility.

The white supremacist capitalist patriarchal system makes us continuously compare our traumas, as if we need to prove the validity of our trauma experience. As if it can only be mentioned if it’s worse than someone elses. It also keeps retraumatizing us, with microagressions to the macros. By keeping us numb, silent and hurting, many won’t step into the work of healing. For healing makes us feel again. It makes us grieve and rage. It makes us feel all that has been suppressed in the spaces within our body. So why has trauma been so dominant? The oppressor/oppressed cycle, which has worn many hats – colonizer/colonized, victim/abuser, martyr/saviour, empath/narcissist… any more? For as we feel and heal, our energy again begins to move. Within that movement, we become more connected to our true capacity. One that can clear, protect and now even magnetize. With clear feeling flowing freely within, we increase our energy vibration which can then bring more ease and wellbeing into our life.

The Feminine Path

The matriarchal system is a balancer. It is about bringing balance to both, instead of keeping things in polarity and supremacy. This means we listen to the hurt, anger and pain. We learn how to feel once again, how to process emotional buildup, and then how to trust our intuition. And unlike the quick fixes promised to us in flashy lights and little pills, allow ourselves patience and time. It’s a gentle and gradual process. It’s a cycle within a cycle within a cycle.

So what are the promises? Within the releasing of trauma held in the body, some of which is yours, and some which may be your ancestors, there then lies more space to access what our body’s gifts are. Healing your connection to your feeling body will allow you to connect to your expanded senses (your “clairs” – clair voyance, clair sentience, clair cognisance, etc.). As you release, you will access more of the ancestral wisdom you carry within your blood, bones, and cells. Over time, you will also trust more and moreso your internal guidance system that helps you navigate that world out there… your intuition. Your intuition and ancestral wisdom will keep you safer and allow you to remember all that you bring with you into this life for this powerful time in our collective story.

Oh yes, and of course, the path into the feminine isn’t linear. You are not moving from point A to B anymore! Just think of the frustration, pushiness and intensity of that directional force of point A to B. You may be stuck in traffic, or waiting behind someone who is moving at a slower pace. And what is at point B anyways? There are multiple points of access to feminine energy. Feminine energy moves in spirals. It has no beginning and no end. You sometimes may choose to step off one spiral and into another. It is flowing, moving with feeling and creational energy. It is chaotic, wild, risky, and mysterious. When you see a 2D spiral this may be unclear, but look at a 3D spiral, or at fractal art. It is all sensations, good, bad and the inbetween.

As we move now on a spiralling path, know that sometimes it may feel like you have ‘stepped back’, or are revisiting something that you thought you moved through/’healed’ before. This is important to share now, for this is what comes up as you move with the feminine. You are always moving further inwards or outwards, not backwards. You will witness what is surfacing, or sometimes dive further into the depths. You haven’t failed previously to see something; you simply weren’t at that energetic perspective at that earlier time. As we release, our energy frequency shifts. In that shift, our body then reacclimates and in that process, bits and bobs of things forgotten may surface. Trust that you are now seeing a new layer to move through. You are going deeper in seeing larger patterns of bigger cycles within your life. You continue to revisit to heal further, to see how far back some of the patterns we are healing go. Back to the beginning of time on earth sometimes.

Yes, I will use a lot of water analogies, for we are working now with WATER, my kin! As you move deeper into being and becoming You, you will work with what surfaces along the journey. Sometimes you may be ready to dive deep with assistance. That’s what energy workers do; they help with the big chasms that seem unfathomable on how to cross by yourself. They help in reconnection and mending what may have been severed from immense trauma experienced. Mentors, teachers, therapists and healers who are doing the work themselves can assist you with these depths. It’s okay to ask for help. We do not have to do this work alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the surface either! Trust that what surfaces is what you are capable of moving through and processing on your own.

Part 1 (Air) was about your choice and responsibility. Part 2 is all about stepping into the energy flow. Dipping your toes in at first if this is the first time, or choosing to now wade into deeper waters. The flow state is that being state, that creative state, the space between the becoming and releasing. It is presence. It’s when your thoughts or emotions don’t pull you back into past stories or future possibilities. The state that artists know very well. It’s the creative flow they move into when they paint, dance, sculpt or write. The state where there is no stopping to think or rationalize or plan, but simply to allow the loving movement that is creative feminine energy to move with you!

A lot of us then connect the flow state to a state that is devoid of thought/emotion, so conclude that you must stop thought & emotion from occurring. I will address the thought/mind state in part 3 (fire), but the focus of the feminine connection is to embrace and allow our emotions. People have become masters at blocking emotion to the point that they can’t even decipher when they are true. This has led to a lot of misinformation and lack of trusting your own intuition. Intuition is our sensory wisdom, the capacity for our feelings and senses to guide our movements. Trusting your intuition allows ease to be your natural state. You are moving with your flow, instead of fighting against it. You then can navigate the routes outside of self with more awareness. To work with air and water, choose which routes to go and which ones to say no to. These clear choices come from listening to our intuitive feeling body.

Sit and take some deep breaths to connect to your body. Say an obvious lie, like, “My name is (not your name) and I am lying down”. Feel the response in your body and where. Is there areas that constrict? Feel heavy or pressured? Is there itchiness, tingles, flutters? Continue to breathe as you take note of your body response. Then say an obvious truth, like, “My name is (your name) and I am sitting here.” Observe the changes in sensation as you say this within. Is there expansion in some areas? A lightness, or spaciousness inside? Locate your YES and discover your NO. I give thanks to Inelia Benz for sharing this simple exercise. We each have an inner pendulum. This Yes and No response will shift and clarify as you release. A great challenge is to see if you can follow your intuitive guidance for a whole month! That means listening and allowing sensations to guide you. That means trusting when your body says No, and then not doing, or moving aside, taking a left, right or full stop. Let yourself listen and practice trusting you.