Hi! I am Josie Amoni (Hoped)

Weaving multiple ways together into a fuller, more loving and easeful experience

Welcome! I tend to connect with people who are experiencing a perspective shift – when what’s moving within doesn’t feel like it is in synch with their surroundings anymore. When you experience a shift within a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual aspect of self, you may wish for some additional support, and guidance when needed to navigate all that is occurring in present.

We are transmuters, energy alchemists, having the ability to grow awareness and sensitivity to the movements within and out of our current perspectives carried. Perspectives share knowing, which is beyond thinking, more in the realm of belief and trust fostered in you. We work sometimes to divine (define) aspects of self energy to explore our wounds and shadows, but we play at other times with all of time and space, and rest within the comforts of connection to one all.

I am a fellow alchemist.

A witch (and to even say that I have had to transmute the ancestral witch wound for over 20 years of this life)

A trans non-binary bisexual wild spirit. Pronouns they/she. Part tree, deer, bird, bee, horse, puma, and snake.

I bring with me over 22 years of experience moving with energy of self and spirit, which includes space, stars, earth, body, all. I was brought up in a household that taught me meditation, mantra, yoga and creative expression. I then went into study, then teach yoga asana & meditation for well over 14 years. I studied extensively anatomy, mobility, subtle energy, breathwork, body in movement, and more. 

I was introduced to Reiki energy, and shared energy as I moved to level 3/Masters (teachers), and then taught Reiki for 7 years. I have recently studied energy medicine and the cosmic connection of my body and blood with indigenous elders and shamans, with the mentorship of Nukumi Selina Mu for 2 years. My current mentors and helpers are the animals & plant medicine I connect with. The trees, earth and it’s waters. Our stars and elder planets. The elements. Deep gratitude for all that share such loving support to us all.

From having worked in studios worldwide, I now bring a way forwards, a braver and safer space for movement, meditation, and connections. I wish to celebrate my BIPOC LGBTQIA2S+ siblings and cultivate a space together that honours our choices, pace, and boundaries. I offer online weekly classes, monthly community circle, training programs and private sessions.

My vision is growing community, where we all share reciprocally with self, earth, body, each other.

“I’ve worked with and have been healed by Josie for over 12 years. Through distance and time she has remained absolutely her: the most authentic being I’ve encountered through many years of the yoga & psychiatric spaces wherein a true human is hard to come by. Josie has not only educated me physically but has helped me emotionally through some of the most trying moments of my life, each time turning up with a smile. There is no one I could recommend more if you’re in need of a teacher / friend / mediator. It’s almost impossible to write about her because words do not do her justice.”



Connect for More. Gifts, presence, heart.

“My sessions with Josie have been abundantly healing and transforming. She creates a really sacred safe space where I always feel comfortable and accepted sharing with her. Her guidance and healing tools have been a tremendous help along my journey, always knowing just what my spirit needs. Josie has helped me take back my own power, always reminded me that I am my own healer and provided an immense amount of support, tools and genuine care along the way. if it weren’t for our sessions together I truly don’t know where i would be – and for that i am eternally grateful!–“

– NOOR M., Bahrain

Be You Here Now

Welcoming All of You

Offerings with
judgement-free support.
PrOteCtion & boundaries honoured.
Sensing, listening, seeing & sounding.
Amplifying, clarifying & remembering -
You, We, I, Me.