Josí AH

(they/she) ((we/us)) HUMAN.

Josí is a teacher of subtle energy, it’s practices, realms, and  medicine. 

They share of these things, in order  to further understand our energetic being, it’s processes and capacity (how us as humans, can foster further support for life energy for all). 

Josí brings over 30 years of experience with subtle energy practices, as well as 13 years facilitating connections to the subtle realms, in groups and privately. They share subtle energy work and study, to support forwards more.

qualifications + experience

  • 30+ years of meditation practices
  • Yoga philosophy, practices & study for over 30 years
  • Hatha Yoga teacher certification, 500hrs+, 2008
  • Reiki teacher certification, 2012
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist certification, 2017
  • Mentorship with Elders, healers & teachers in energy & Spirit work, 2014-2021
  • Trauma-Informed Certification for Coaches, 2023

some of my story & studies

I believe the first 7-years of a child’s life are known as the formative years for our personage? It brings me deep gratitude then, to see how by age 8, my mother, a meditation teacher of Maharishi Ayurveda, then shared with me breathing and meditation practices to proceed with the work required in this lifetime.

I was initiated from a young age into my subtle energy practices, and most definitely they have morphed, shifted, expanded, and most definitely changed as I grew. They shared with me practices to support me in my life, as well as were a reliable tool-kit to assist me in exploring the longer self-reflective journeys of “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”, amongst the continuous barrage of life’s challenges, mistakes, and lessons to face, experience, and digest.

My study of subtle energy extended beyond the home practices shared of the branches of yoga, by my teens I also experienced immense pain in my physical body and was curious to learn further of how the physical body works with our energy body. I began to practice more physical yoga asana (postures) & pranayama (breathwork) to support my subtle work in consciousness, which helped with my work into the uncomfortable. This led to me studying and training in Hatha Yoga for years with teachers, culminating in me receiving multiple teaching certifications from 2008-2012 in teaching methodology, yoga asana, meditation, philosophy and pranayama, as well as the further practices of the even subtler stages of practice. As I began facilitating group practices, first locally in Toronto and then Vancouver, my interest in the energy alchemy experienced within my yoga practice led me to explore the Reiki healing method of Usui.

Reiki and Yoga opened within me intrinsic connections with my intuition, as well as only affirmed my gifts that I came into this lifetime with, a capacity to move through many subtle realms, as well as communicate to energy beings that may not be in form. I started to channel further messages from Spirit, Divine counterparts, ancestors, and ancients. As I traveled to South America in 2012, to connect with a part of my paternal heritage, I had already formed by this point in my life community with other seers and messengers. I began to work with the energy of the elements, the land, waters, and whispers of my ancestors, and learned with them how to heal as I continued to remember. Remembering my soul experiences, retrieving aspects of me, restoring me, as I stumbled along to see how to navigate all these deep experiences amidst a society that shared with me ways that did not support life.

My healing journey and study of subtle energy supported me in gently healing from multiple traumatic experiences, as well as learning how to navigate the systems structured in the world, like patriarchy, supremacy, and capitalism. It helped me to grow capacity and strength to unlearn and unravel intergenerational patterns of being that were unsustainable forwards. It shared with me how to grow healthy boundaries and more compassion. As a teacher, I am constantly learning. As a healer, I humbly acknowledge the cycles of healing. Subtle energy practices, further travel in our realms of consciousness, as well as it’s medicine, has been the most impactful support system to do immense work through shadows and darkness, to learn of our human capacity as alchemists. I learned of sovereignty, truth, love, and protection. I give deep heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers and healers I have continued to study with over the years of refining, revising, and rebirthing.

At times, subtle energy medicine has been over-simplified, for it is simple. But, there are multiple layers of energy to be explored, with different skillsets asked for as you continue. I hope that my work shared with you can support an understanding of the practices to accommodate further capacity to assist transformations. It is gentle work that grows and shifts as you do, paced over time, with spaces between. I continue to train healers and teachers as needed, as well as open my work to all whom are curious to navigate their energetic being.

How I do that, is to share:

  • Free practices & teachings via my Youtube support channel
  • By donation subtle energy study courses throughout the year’s curriculum
  • Travelers Club – group practice responsibly exploring the subtle realms, in synch with the moon & sun cycles
  • Private teas, treatments, and trainings as requested

i applaud those who take the time to read further, exploring those who i name that have supported my walk & work with Spirit. they each have taught me, while supporting my own curiosities & wonder of all that it is to be HUMAN.

Many of the names that follow are easily googleable, so i have only shared links to those i felt i must. 

In YOGA: many thanks to MAHARISHI Mahesh Yogi for initiating my mother as a teacher of Transcedental Meditation, which she then taught my step-father, my siblings and i. My first initiation within Yoga was held in 1989. I give thanks to the multitude of yoga practices and studies that supported my walk since, and the teachers that shared a deep love and appreciation for the methods they were initiated into, especially Michael Siddall, Vieslav Krystyan, Christine Reeves, Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, Paul Muller-Ortega, Christopher Hareesh Wallis, and Douglas Brooks. I give gratitude to the Kashmir Shaivism lineage of tantrika studies (and the goddess-centered Hinduism called Śrīvidyā), as well as to the oral transmissions still made available by the late Swami Lakshmanjoo.

In REIKI: deep gratitude to Darlene Dee Hobson (now retired) for initiating me into her Reiki lineage in 2008, which was 7 human steps away from the initial Source energy shared with Mikao Usui, who created the Usui Shiki Ryoho method of ReiKI. I also give thanks to those who attuned and taught me in these leveled practices as i moved to my own capacity to teach and attune in 2012, both Jane Davis and Kelly Rasch. I continued to teach ReiKI for 11 years, and share immense gratitude to all whom I met amongst my travels with Source energy. I also share heartfelt bows to Kathy Roseborough, who mentored me in my path of dance with the sacred feminine and masculine, supporting me in accessing and trusting furthermore my connection to most ascended teachers of sacred union that will not be named here.

In Spirit connection: sincere heart songs shared with dear Earthkeeper Nukumi Selina for her mentorship journey and generous gifts in teaching from her Indigenous and most Cosmic pathways of connection with Body, Earth, and Spirit realms. I give deep bows to having the honour to connect remotely with many teachers (some more listed on my contact page), but must share immense gratitude to the Inca Medicine School and the Paqo shamans of the Apaza family lineage from the Qero nation. I look forward to continuing on the Paqo path in-person, Divine-willing. I also share many thanks to the experiences with Spirit that were received in group sessions with Manari Ushigua, Marcela Lobos, and Marilu Shinn.

In Healing: many potent healers have supported my life-force and further remembrance of the medicine peoples of my own blood lines. I give offerings of immense love & devotion to first and foremost my Ancestors, who helped me through some of the darkest days and years. I give thanks to the Angels, Animals, and Ancients that have protected and supported my path as i moved through the difficulties, traumas, and tribulations of my learning ground of this lifetime. I give big hugs and snuggles to Paco, my beloved familiar, dog helper and teacher. A special shout out to the wild dogs of Peru, walking with me during my ‘lone’ travels there, especially Pilau, and their shared connections as we witnessed the wonders of sunrise and sunsets.

The additional healers in human form that i was guided to trust and open my energies to for their supportive body, breath, and energy work were: Cara Houpt, Kelly Romanick, Dr. Farah Hirani, Dr. A. Ali,  Serah Ruth Goldberg, Natoya Hall, Caroline Sabbah, Clare Kenty, Kristi Clements, and Beth Rutty.

Many thanks to: the many students, healers, and teachers that have crossed my path along my travels and transformations. Those whom embraced my queerness and witchiness were much appreciated, and i give gratitude to those that also respected my nonbinary nature, even before i could speak of it or write about it. Gratitude to Daniel G, Jacki K, Krista Marie S, Chrys M, Christi-an S, jamilah malika a-b, Noora, Despina M, Jody L, Dr Jenny M, Cian K, Riquel E, and many many more of YOU. 

so where am i now? well, you can meet me online for now. Let's foster relations.

My travels have currently placed me in Meaford, Ontario, of Treaty 18, 1818, on the Chippewas of Saugeen First Nations, the Ojibway, Anishinabewaki and many more Indigenous peoples. I continue to learn of the land I am presently on and continue to further my relations with the medicine of all that grows here. I enjoy gardening, painting with Spirit, dancing, singing, and expanding community connections. I share my time with the lands and nearby waters, as well as whom I choose to share space over time with. I share gratitude to the growing international & intergenerational circles that are gathering of humans, plants, stones, and animals, together on this Earth. As I make peace with who I am, care and love for who I continue to revolve into, I look forward to sharing connections with you, as well as remembering more of our shared magick this season.

Welcoming all of You


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