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My Story

My name is Josie Amoni, and I am committed to walking my true path alongside all that is spirit. I work with a spiritual team of ancestors, ancients, ascended teachers, shamans and healers. I share all with source, I am with the divine. I vow to share guidance, support and energy medicine as needed. I now know that living a life with spirit opens you to magickal and extraordinary experiences, and I share gratitude for all that I have moved through. But the ingrained teachings of society, culture and traditions sometimes pulled me back into trying to do what would be accepted by many, sometimes to detrimental consequences. Spirit would sometimes gently lead me back on my path, and at other times would smack me back with vigour. It hasn’t always been easy. Hence why my vow is to assist others on their spiritual journey, to share acceptance of all that we have chosen to courageously journey through to heal lifetimes and generations of pain & suffering. So we can then bring more harmony and joy into our life now.

I was born in the early hours of the morning, a home birth, where my mother shared no one was around. I was her first child and had to move through healing all that was received in the womb, her uncertainty of choosing to keep me, since at that time from a one-night stand, it wasn’t as accepted to be a single mother. My stepfather knew my mother before my birth, then lost connection for some time. He shared of the serendipitous moment of working as a taxi driver, and how he picked up late one night a midwife who gave my mother’s address. He asked if she was going to see my mother, and upon her affirmation, realized he was intrinsically connected to my story as he delivered the midwife who would assist me in coming into this world. He joined my journey and helped raise me. I then received 4 additional siblings throughout the next decade or so.

My mother was my first teacher of the worlds available to explore within. She taught me meditation before I was 10, which allowed me to develop a great relationship with all that was termed the ‘unknown’ or ‘unseen’. I then learned that this wasn’t the norm as I traversed through the schooling system and became very fearful of sharing all that I connected to with others. I realized there were many boxes you had to stay in to bring comfort to others. So, I worked hard at being a great student, an athlete, and allowed myself to get caught up in all the concerns of a child to a teenager. Even though I didn’t fully understand the cliques, cruelty and differences shared of those around me, I quickly learned that in order to survive in the systems presented to me, I had to excel, work hard at being better than, and do my best to follow the tenets of what is acceptable.  I worked hard at trying my best to suppress the call from spirit, and to try to make my life fit all that was accepted by my family, friends and society. Needless to say, this made my life a helluva lot more difficult, and made my healing journey much more disjointed. It took me a much longer time to face the truth of the pain & suffering I carried, plus added additional traumatic experiences for me to heal from as well.

From my introduction to meditation and yogic practices in my home, I went further into practicing yoga as my body began to break down by 18 from me not following my true path. I dove into bringing more ease into my spine and body, and loved how yoga shared the connections to energy, spirit and all that is. It was my gateway to move further with spirit in some way that was more generally accepted by others. As I progressed in my studies of yoga, I went into a number of certifications, so I could also teach yoga to others. This became my solace and ‘side hustle’, since I was always trying to still make it in the capitalist world. I continued in management, and amassed well over 20 years of business experience, having managed other people’s companies, assisting them further on their visions and trying to ride their coattails to success. During this journey, yoga kept me sane, helped me through all that I was exposed to in the better than/less than manipulative world of the businesses I worked through at the time.  

Through my yoga community, I was introduced to Reiki energy healing. I quickly dove into this path, for again, I saw more of what was my personal experience being more widely accepted. I went through the certification levels within 2 years, and got to what was called the ‘Reiki Master’ level, allowing me to teach and attune others to Reiki energy. I taught yoga and worked with energy healing through Reiki for over 13 years. This supported me as I journeyed from my hometown of Toronto, Canada, to Peru, Ecuador and then Bahrain. I lived in Bahrain for 6 years, until my call to return home in 2018. By that time, I was raked over the coals enough times to know it was time to follow my destiny, my true path. I gained the courage to face unabashedly all that was still percolating within, even after immense magickal experiences received throughout my 22 years with healing energy and all that I was able to see before.

This began a deep part of my journey, with immense tests and trials still to be faced, as I expanded my connection to my spiritual team, learning with them as well as more mentors and healers all about the gifts I did carry. I began to accept the practices that I previously only shared privately, those of divination and oracle, channeling, mediumship, extraction work, and more. I began to make peace with all aspects of my self, spirit, one and all. My mixed heritage in my blood, that confused me for decades, that of Scottish, French, Spanish and Andean Indigenous blood all began to make more sense. My stepfather’s lineage of Eastern European Jews, shared further innerstanding to all that I have chosen to journey through in this lifetime. My mother’s refusal of her Christian background. My introduction to Islam in my time living in Bahrain. It all started to piece itself together, and I began to know why I chose all experiences that seemed so wild and different on their own. The knowing of all that is self unfolded it’s nectar.

I began to receive further innerstanding of dimensions, spirit, safe travels, time, space and consciousness. I began to, timidly at first, share of what I was receiving with others more publicly. Those first courageous women who got the spirit nudge to journey with me, there are no words to express the immense gratitude I have for them! For it was in conversation, in moving through our unique paths together, where I encountered more of what I was able to share, and how I could further support others along their journey with more ease than I personally experienced in mine. I saw how the keys opened potent ways to dismantle the things within that continue to divide, create more oppression, and feed into the old systems that create subservience, pain and suffering. I found the ways of how to bring forward offerings that honoured our unique differences, allowed for multiple paths with spirit, enabled more truth and capacity to move into personal power that was not there to harm, but to be a great boon to world harmony.

I am here now. For those that choose to be in relations. For those who wish to honour our differences, while receiving judgement-free support while forging true paths. Our souls and spirit brought us into this form now for a reason. To bring a greater awareness of our immense power and capacity to heal ourselves. To face with compassion all that we have carried into this life and all that we have gathered here. To then choose what we no longer need to carry and allow it to release into the earth and waters that so lovingly assist us so. So we can breathe deeper into all the knowing carried in our air, and step into our fire. Our inner flame of truth.

In truth, I welcome you. Wherever you may be on your journey. I promise to assist you through the heavy, the shadows, and the light. I live, I love and I learn. I walk my path with you, plus continue to learn from elders and indigenous wisdom keepers along the way. To all my relations, AHO!

“I’ve worked with and have been healed by Josie for over 12 years. Through distance and time she has remained absolutely her: the most authentic being I’ve encountered through many years of the yoga & psychiatric spaces wherein a true human is hard to come by. Josie has not only educated me physically but has helped me emotionally through some of the most trying moments of my life, each time turning up with a smile. There is no one I could recommend more if you’re in need of a teacher / friend / mediator. It’s almost impossible to write about her because words do not do her justice.”



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