Hi! I am Josie amoni H

Some of my experiences summed up for easy perusal:

Yoga practices & study (meditation, tantra philosophy, & many more) – 30 years (yes! I learned meditation very young)

Channel/transponder of Spirit – 20 years

Reiki Sensei – 10 years (since 2012) (prior to teaching it, I was practicing Reiki healing on self & others for 2-3 years)

so, that's mi work in a nutshell! ready for more story?

Welcome. Thank you for your interest in reading even little snippets of my story. Story is living energy that can be moved (shared through space/time) through words, sounds, and more. Once story is shared, the energy can be received by all who consent. What is received, may trigger reaction, memory, feeling, body sensations/movements, and/or response

When receiving story allow yourself to breathe, ground. Take pauses or breaks when needed. Hydrate and nourish. Move at times, and give space to be. I share these words and story from multiple perspectives. The ones only ‘seen’ then, the ones held with compassion as part of the binary (shadow/light), as well as all that is in me NOW. Trust that my story will grow, shift, and be revised as I do. 

Story A: intro (03-2022)

Have you ever experienced those comments (sounds/words) shared to you if your physical form changes? Have you lost/gained weight? Is everything okay? Something’s different. Have you ever experienced then, that the changes you have made, the growth and shifts that resulted from your personal work in (r)evolution, may come into question? 

Then sometimes, dependent on the other person’s stories, what your change may have brought up in them, they may then share judgements/opinions, “I need to fix/help them.”, which may lead to suggestions (story) received about how you ingest food, plant medicines. What things do you consume or abstain from? How do you move your body? What’s wrong? 

Change isn’t always for ‘bad’ reasons. Change can also be for ‘good’. Change occurs Both ways. ALL ways.

I used to experience such immense rage, for all the ways my human capacity for all things change (trans~) was not respected or honoured or allowed… yet. I was too young to fight, so I first felt immense self-doubt in my capacity to be. To exist. Which then led to me experiencing shame in my body in response to all these stories shared. These stories became boxes. Step into this one, and that. This mix of stories is accepted. These are different, or in less proximity to power. We need power to move through this world. Do what you must to survive and maybe climb ontop. Oh, the stories I allowed to become teachings. That took so long to even see weren’t me again. For me to remember this story, even.

Do you see? The life journey to first learn how to move and be, then to unlearn it only to remember how you move and be? This dance of perspective shifts is marvellous, isn’t it? Well, maybe once you see the patterns ~ the 1, 2, 3… and then unraveled what triggered reaction/response, to then remember… U

Even though my body and being felt unsafe/unsupported in space by others, my journey to gather (all) aspects of self could not have been done solo.

Even in the most immense amount of unraveling, dismantling, and stepping deep into the muck of me… I knew I had spirit. I had so much support from ancestors, ancients, ang(EL)s, and that’s only three A’s (and an e). I had Body. And even though I was judged, shamed, and taught to conform body into something pleasing and accepting to the gender norms of the white patriarchal gaze, my soul and spirit said NO! So, for many years I fought my body, earth, and others. That fight handed down generations, to persevere. 

With this rage also came a childish annoyance. My in~divid(u)al be-ing was frustrated why other humans got so used to Body only being able to be ONE way and unchanging. Presuming that U are only that, but can’t also be this and/or become this & ___ (fill in the blank). There was this Child/Creator part of me, that stomped their foot and said, “I don’t get it. Don’t you see? We are H(U)mmaN. We are sshapeshifters! We move. We sound. We sensess… we shift! AAAANNNDD- Helloooo!! WEee do it togetherrR… no matter the form we take. We are connected. In change… we Can -“

Ground ~ Breathe ~ Center

The prompts that a society freely shared on conforming to ideals of form, action, and more (that were one-sided supremacist BS), that intermingled with the NO! of my Body, led me on an effing magick carpet ride of a journey through the shadow/light of this/that (with)in/out of Me/ 

and then beyond

What did I unlearn and learn along the pathways traveled through space time? Well, that’s for more stories. But, here’s an intro:

I am a 41 year-old, gender non-conforming individual. My pronouns are she/they. I carry the privilege of a mixed heritage that is predominantly white (Scottish, French, and Spanish). I have learned how to “blend” in as needed for safety in my travels. Sometimes, as people get to know you, or feel a sense of intimacy that they actually look at yoU, then the additional asks come… What is your background? Where are you from? Are you…. (fill in the blank)? For something in me looks different than you, which may unsettle. Which oddly enough, has been shared is weird. 

I have fully embraced my weird. Our differences are beautiful expressions of all that is us. We can connect in reciprocal relations, we do not have to repeat the fights and battles of yesteryears. There are pathways beyond the extractive/transactional (capitalist), colonial/supremacist ways, there are more paths beyond even their opposites. The work & play to get to self-acceptance and then into personal agency asks for a gentle pace, honouring time and space for rest. We can tenderly unravel/unlearn the ways that we think/act, while embracing the rhythms and cycles of this, that, and more. Connecting to the shadow & light of the binary, whilst also exploring beyond the binary with curiosity and wonder. Remembering and discovering, softly, dear one.

Story B: home (03-2022)

I live now in Meaford, Ontario, Canada. This land is of the territories of the Wendake-Nionwentsio, Petun, Odawa, Mississauga and Anishinabewaki peoples. These lands are also home to many First nations & World Indigenous peoples. My indigenous ancestry are not from these lands. What I have connected of my paternal side, is Spanish and indigenous ancestors from Central and Andean South America. Yes, I have indigenous ancestry, but have only connected to them through journeying with spirit. I have never had the opportunity to know of my paternal side in real life. 

The land does connect us. We have traveled.

I connect to these lands and do my best in supporting the elders, earthkeepers, and water protectors. I do carry the privilege to lovingly live while learning with nature, body, and earth.

We are this blended mix of forms/identities
that share energies
to unravel (heal), explore (expand upon),
and regenerate.

I was shared a quest from a young age of – who am I? Why do I carry value?  This last one came from the big conflict I faced daily in being me. Yes, I knew I was walking alongside spirit, knowing, and all. But it was the current societal norms, the judgements or approved perspectives that assisted in forming so many boxes that I just didn’t fit into… patriarchy, capitalism, heteronormativity, white supremacy, and… They overshadowed at times my connections to what actually could support me. These things that clearly did not accept all of me, but systemically and socially consumed many aspects of me over time, in spaces and places that I felt I must be, in order to survive. 

My quest to rebel against these pressures, was the first drive (ignition) to heal my body of physical pain. I intended to strengthen my body, so I could be more capable of fighting these battles surrounding me. I was introduced to meditation & breathing practices, mantra, and sound from a very young age at home. I began to practice yoga asana, first at home, and then in studios. I did get stronger physically, eased my spine and felt more capable. But as you know, the practices of yoga are beyond just the physical. It is truly deep, difficult work with both the body and mind, which interweaves with experiences of joy and beauty in Center. I wasn’t prepared. I knew from my seriousness that I put into my studies (a survival tactic, I now know), that I could study self and more by further exploring the philosophies and books of yoga. 

These studies led to trainings, which moved to me facilitating yoga practices to groups & individuals in 2007. I gathered more lost aspects of self as I connected to Center. Yoga was this intricate energetically connective road map, allowing me to explore body, mind, emotion, and heart. I gained the courage to face the many masks and protective shields created, but this happened over a long time, and through many layers. A journey that has spanned over 20 years of my life! One that made me leave my birthplace many times. 

On a quest to learn from the land, I chose to follow it’s call. I was not learning what I was wanting to from people. I could see their oppressive cycles playing out with me, and I wasn’t yet capable enough of not playing the game. If they wanted to be the martyr, I would be the saviour, and vice versa. I was curious enough to take in more information (studentship and learning was my healing tool), but also skeptical enough to discern when to spit some things out. 

I also practiced pilates, breathwork, and Reiki. All my heart-opening healing practices which I did consistently, on truly a quest to love me – this undefinable form that was always misidentified – led to attaining imperceptible energetic boundaries, opening natural channels of spirit connection further, and becoming super receptive to others emotions and thoughts. It took me many years to understand how to learn with spirit of boundaries, protection, and the protocol with energy work.

My yoga & Reiki trainings assisted in sharing with me guidelines and levels to explore, comprehend, and learn from for many years.

I grew up in Tkaronto and left in 2012. I broke up with a yoga teaching career, for I didn’t like where it was going, with superstar teachers on platforms, capitalistic consumerism, and dilutions of ancient knowledge. I left family and friends. Bought a one-way ticket and made it to Peru, then Ecuador. I had my practices and spiritual tools at the ready, but nothing could have prepared me for connection to Mother. She welcomed me. M(other). She smacked me. Mother Earth. She healed. Mother Water. She loved.

There is an energy signature that defines themselves as part of the mother circle. They are of element(all). I faced here many shadows of my relations to all that is defined as mother. To her. To contain~her.

Healing with the land and body is… I do not have the words. It is indescribable what occurs. 

My/i/e “solo” journey with the land&/spirit(s) was quickly pushed back IN to the work/play WITH OTHER(sss) – Ma/u shared ways to inter-relate so the journey that we think is IN to SELF we encounter is as well IN to…

Ma begins where we end.


We connect

As many breakups, I tried to do it differently, to still teach yoga and connect to others in communities as I traveled with. My work with anti-capitalism was clarified and affirmed even more. I thought I could “change” the system, or fight it, or win. Ha! I just fed into a cycle that led to more wild fantastickal patterns of chaos and defeat.

Life brought an opportunity to go to Bahrain for a short time. I went and ended up living there for 6 years. I met f(F)a(d)er. Sky and Air. I faced in those 6 years on the island, within a small microcosm, many shadows and light of the masculine defined. My Body that had to be in the box of that and not this began to heal. The feminine and masculine were reclaimed.  

(*please note, I am well aware that all elements have signatures that are of masculine, feminine, and more. This was my work in facing what was harmful to me in the definitions of what was masc or fem*) 

I will not get into all the trials & tribulations that traumatized and blessed. Along a journey it is not all “good”, or one way. Things move always between more than two things. And each way creates an opposite way. SO.. We CAN experience opposites simultaneously, and do not have to feel shame/guilt to then conform/allow/release only one.

This work shares multiple perspectives of what’s accepted based on class, nationality, and privilege.
I learn from many cultures of boundaries, privacy, and comm(unity).

I began to connect with spirit’s teachings of clearing and protection. My energy work developed from my tools and experiences received and processed over time. In connecting these practices, seeing how they moved within my body, surroundings, to the lands, and its peoples. I still required many helpers and mentors. I am immensely grateful for the animals, the trees, and the ancients. I cherish the medicine shared from those who I stepped into mentorship with along the way. Thank you to the elders, the medicine women, and souls who have guided me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.  

In connection to the land and
support from earth, elements, spirit, and
our body.

We are home.

When I got called to return home, I knew it was to reconnect with family & friends, yes, but even moreso to continue the journey in building a home. Something that asks for our participation in clearing and protection, but is supportive in our mutual grounding, ease, and being. In our feeling safe and well within. Which can then allow more of yoU to expand into the space of home. 

This is the ultimate privilege. Something that spirit, helpers, and more have helped me come to by January 1, 2022. To ground & center with Home, where all who agreed to enter can Be. And from that agreement, that order, when the chaos of shifting/healing/transmuting occurs, where we can put into practice, ritual, and reality, all that we have learned about (1) personal agency of self, (2) our connection to Body, home, and comm(unity), and (3) contributing to sustaining/growing more living ecosystems.

To thrive I needed to learn to rest. To effort less.
To allow space for breath, being, and comfort.
Communication time with body, nature, and all living beings present.

Clear, protect, breathe, and ground.
Water, fire, air, and earth.

With so much space interwoven throughout to Be in harmony more. To be able to honour the disruptions, the changes. To book a rest day weekly, where I can turn off the “must do”, and move into the curiosity of honouring my wishes as they flow. The magick… how to make room for joy. Bringing space into my days for breath, hydration, nourishment, and rest. Honouring that work is also caring for my body. Respecting that my connections with you all are not the only way I earn to live. I have learned to diversify my crops. To do a different system than capitalistic extraction/transaction. To return to reciprocity. I hope to be accountable for all that I have learned of relations, yet be compassionate for all that I am still learning in practice.

We are in process. Since this is a chosen sharing of our journeys, we honour the mutiple pathways, rhythms, and cycles we move through. We accept that movement is constant. With movement comes clearing, dispelling, dipersing, shifting, transmitting, etc.etc. all the “-ings”… 

m – i – m
shares "m" for movement energy/motion,
"i" is for ignition (intention),
mmmmm is for so much more..
that’s for you to enjoy exploring... together.

What comes with sound/motion/energy? What do you connect to/create?

Welcoming All of You

Join free group classes to get to know Josie and connect to their mim practices. Free allows for our initial connection(s) to be in no commitment to each other. It allows for curiosity; and skeptics are welcome!

Book online private sessions with Josie, and please read the terms to all singularly booked sessions here.

As we build relations and foster trust over time, I do offer private journeys, trainings, and energy work (helping clearing, protection, etc) that are only bookable via email connection, or, if you have received by that time, my personal contact number. These are not advertised, listed, or explained further here, and require mutual consent of all terms to proceed.

“My sessions with Josie have been abundantly healing and transforming. She creates a really sacred safe space where I always feel comfortable and accepted sharing with her. Her guidance and healing tools have been a tremendous help along my journey, always knowing just what my spirit needs. Josie has helped me take back my own power, always reminded me that I am my own healer and provided an immense amount of support, tools and genuine care along the way. if it weren’t for our sessions together I truly don’t know where i would be – and for that i am eternally grateful!–“

– NOOR M., Bahrain


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“I’ve worked with and have been healed by Josie for over 12 years. Through distance and time she has remained absolutely her: the most authentic being I’ve encountered through many years of the yoga & psychiatric spaces wherein a true human is hard to come by. Josie has not only educated me physically but has helped me emotionally through some of the most trying moments of my life, each time turning up with a smile. There is no one I could recommend more if you’re in need of a teacher / friend / mediator. It’s almost impossible to write about her because words do not do her justice.”