You know energy moves you

From meditation to walking in nature, you have connected to energy in motion. But, all the energetic practices still bring more confusion instead of clarity. At times, it feels as if you have lost connection, or all the work is not showing it's gifts.

You want to connect to more more joy, love, and feeling safer within. more confidence in who you are and what you bring. a greater sense of support and ease within your being as you heal & grow.


As you have expanded your connection to your spirit -

– is your mind still regularly overactive and filled with racing thoughts?

– do you feel more connected to spirit outside of you than the energy that moves within your body?

– have you felt more disconnected or encumbered to your body, it’s aches and pains an annoyance to all that you have accessed?

– have you felt more alone on your journey, and ache for greater connection?

As you have opened to greater sense of your intuition -

– has the intensity and increased sensitivity left you feeling overwhelmed and unprotected?

– is it difficult to discern what is yours or another’s, and how to clear it from your body?

– is there still uncertainty if it is your intuition guiding you, or your mind?


Your Body & Earth Love You!

This program is for YOU if:

  • you wish to receive immense support & love from your body, the earth, and Earth Mother
  • you are open to working with your increased awareness to further listen to your body’s wisdom
  • you are ready to remember the natural ways your body can heal itself
  • you want to build an inner strength that will infuse your bones with confidence and trust in your capacity to move through life’s challenges with greater ease
  • you wish to understand how to protect your body while feeling more resilient 

The Body Earth Program

A 4-week program to reconnect your body’s energy to the Earth’s healing vibration. We are energetic beings that consist of earth, air, fire, water and space between. In this program, we will discover greater sensory awareness of the elemental energies in the body, while exploring tools & practices to feel more capable in moving with the body’s wisdom. Through breath, movement, and more, we can more easefully find our balance from what we receive as we release.  Are you ready to feel more love & protection grow from within?

josie holds hands and smiles in forest

All beings welcome

We are not separate. Our body yearns to be connected to our spirit and the Earth’s energy! Your body carries within it’s form an innate memory of abundant support, love and harmony. All that you seek can be found in allowing this body earth connection to grow. You can feel safer within your form, more protected and nurtured. With the support of your body and earth, you can breathe and tread gently through the shadows & the revelations without them mucking with your inner equilibirum.

This program will deepen your relationship with your body to assist in acclimatizing to all that you explore with your spiritual, energetic, physical, and mental practices. In expanding your body’s connection, you will be more prepared to journey along your life path with greater ease.

We are elemental

Our body consists of the elements of the Earth. They relate to our emotions, as well as the pains and pleasures felt within. The joy of greater knowing of how the elements within our body interact, is that we can receive all with compassion – trusting in our body’s communication with us in it’s true desire for us to live joyfully. Our body is not just here to shape and mold into what’s been told to you by external sources of what’s right and wrong – it is a sensory being, your spirit & soul in form, that shares all to listen, feel, and see for greater expansion and clarity. 

The creation energy of the elements assists us in further understanding the beauty of our human form, as well as how to sensorially heal & grow. They allow you to learn from what’s within and what’s outside of body – the wind, the earth, the sun, the plants, and more! It is like plugging into a potent support system that is with you all ways, communicating to you constantly. In this 4-week program, choose to journey deep into all that you can feel, the rewards viscerally shared with you along the way!

josie crawls on forest floor

The Body Earth Program includes:

  • Weekly earth connection practices shared via email on Sundays
  • Live group circle sessions weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm ET, audio will be recorded for further review
  • Bonus videos on MIMovement practices (movement & breath with the elements) on Josie’s Youtube Channel
  • Earth Mother circle ceremony facilitated by our elder, Nukumi Selina Mu during the final week
  • 1 private energy medicine session with Josie, bookable within 6 weeks of program start date
josie is wading in the water as she looks to the left with trees behind her

Meet your guide

Josie has been working with numerous methods to heal their body connection for 22 years. Her own body pains brought her further into studying yoga, which funnily enough, Josie was first introduced to at home, having learned meditation, breath, and movement practices from her mother. The energy cultivated within the body via her yoga practices allowed her to connect what she had explored within the cosmos and with spirit into the physical. Her studies led to multiple certifications, and then her teaching yoga for 13 years. Josie has also taken multiple courses and certifications in movement, anatomy, as well as mobility.

Josie’s energy work moved beyond meditation to her studying and then practicing Reiki, leading to them teaching Reiki for over 9 years. As she explored her spiritual gifts with mentors, Josie furthered her practices into shamanic energy medicine & mediumship, which included offering spirit journeys and energy work. As an oracle and intuitive, she has also been offering spirit guidance for well over a decade. 

Josie continues to mentor with elder shaman Earthkeeper Nukumi Selina Mu. In 2021, she began to receive further information from Earth Mother, Source, the Elements, and her body on how to access and work with the elemental energy within the body and of the earth. In journeying through these energetic teachings, Josie has developed this program to share lifetimes of innerstanding with you.

“Josie is a true teacher and healer. She meets you wherever you are and can help you to understand and access energy in a way that is relevant to you. She is also a pure channel for teachings and healings. In this way, working with Josie feels completely organic and comfortable; like having tea with an old friend, with the bonus of entering into a world that allows you to shed all that which no longer serves you as you move into your own light, at a pace that is just for you. You have a partner in healing with Josie.

I am so grateful for having known and worked with Josie over the last 2 decades. I can attest wholeheartedly to her integrity and pureness of heart.” 

– SABRINA P., Canada

About our Elder

Nukumi Selina Mu White Buffalo Star Woman holds the Original Records for Earth Mother Mu to be  revealed and restored for this Sacred Time that we are in.  She carries a Sacred Medicine Bundle on behalf of Mother Earth that is for our Ascension.  

Elder Healer, Wisdom Keeper, and Cosmic Connector to Earth Mother and All That Is, Nukumi Selina brings us back to the Truth of Who We Are and all Who We Are Becoming.  

From The Centre of Infinity May All Beings Benefit


Body Earth Program - starts June 13

30 days of connection practices for a greater sensation of the support, love and protection our body can naturally access!

Week 1 - Air & Consciousness

  • Breathing practices to share intention with the Earth & Body
  • Tools to sense stuck energy and how to move it through you to the Earth
  • Tips on how to sense the mental reactions towards connection
  • Ways to prepare for what may rise within the shadows and ego 

Week 2 - Water & Time

  • Discover fluid energy within the body
  • Explore emotional clearing processes
  • Tips on working with increased sensitivity and empathic sensations that surface as connection increases.
  • Touch connection practices to bring a greater resilience to the skin’s energy in order to process what vulnerability may arise from further connection. 

Week 3 - Fire & Space

  • Accessing our inner power, while deciphering what is soul, what is overactive mind, and what is pent-up anger, annoyance or frustration
  • Learning ways to maintain the fire within the body, keeping it lit, while ensuring it doesn’t blow up.
  • Working with intensity of emotions and sensations as they surface
  • The wisdom of space, accessing spirit, learning of sensory boundaries and internal support

Week 4 - Body Earth Integrated

  • Special circle ceremony facilitated by Nukumi Selina Mu to connect to Earth Mother Mu for greater support
  • Body Earth integration explained
  • The root wound and the connection journey
  • Activating the protection within our bones and body
  • Grounding practices for the body, while receiving more awareness on the rhythms of the body earth connection

Private Energy Session

Bookable with Josie within 6 weeks of the program start date. This is where you can share what has been surfacing and receive assistance from Source energy, the elements, spirit, and your heart song to clear, heal and grow your connection. Josie will also share guidance received in session for personal practices to help assimilate what has moved through.


The first round of the Body Earth Program starts on June 13, and runs for 4 weeks.

This program will run 5-6 times per year, every 6-8 weeks. If you wish to sign up for another round, just contact Josie.

We meet for live group sessions once per week. On the final 4th week, there is also a special ceremony with Elder Nukumi Selina Mu, so on that week we will see each other 2x. 

The remainder of the prompts and practices are received via email & shared on Youtube. You have a choice to do them all, or to integrate them slowly into your life as you see fit. This way, you can continue the journey even after the 4-weeks program.

“From the first moment I met Josie, I could feel the openness of her heart and knew I was meant to cross paths with her. I have worked with several teachers in the past and could feel Josie’s uniqueness. She brings a gentleness that invites you at your own pace, is incredibly knowledgeable and humble, and of course, is an amazing healer. I know the transformations I have experienced in the last few months are only the beginning.”

– JODY L., Canada

From isolation to connection

We are now booking for the Body Earth Program for June 13 – July 10, 2020. Seats are limited. If program becomes fully booked, the next round will open to preregister for.

Weekly group live video sessions are held on Tuesdays at 7pm ET. The elder ceremony will be on the 4th week on Sunday, July 4 at 6pm ET (2-3 hours in length).

Investment to connect is $555 CAD ($460 USD)

When paid in full: $488 CAD ($404 USD)

Payment Plan: non-refundable deposit of $199 CAD ($165 USD), with 2 biweekly payments of $178 CAD ($148 USD)

forest path with tall mossy trees on each side

Connect to the support & love that is waiting for you!

full payment

$488 CAD

savings for payment in full

Welcome to the Body Earth Program! Check all your email folders to receive the welcome email, and to mark the email in your safe list. You will receive weekly emails from the same one.

payment plan

$199 CAD

non-refundable deposit

Once deposit is received, you are enrolled in the Body Earth Program! You will receive a welcome email (check your spam!) 2 additional payments of $178 CAD will be invoiced biweekly.

“Josie is a kind, compassionate and powerful healer. She possesses a deep respect for the teachings that she shares very generously. It has been such a pleasure to learn from her. She pushes you to expand your mind and develop your gifts feeling fully held and supported along the journey. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from such a grounded teacher. The tools I have developed through her guidance have allowed me to feel more confident and able as an intuitive energy healer. Josie you are so loved and respected. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to open to the world of energy medicine and spiritual guidance.”

– JAIME V., Canada