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Here’s a little exercise for you. Can you think of someone in your life that you know, or even someone that you don’t know personally, maybe who has shown themselves in media, a book, or a movie, that shares with you that they are living their most joyful life? A life of their dreams? One that is filled with peace and love? Who comes to mind?

May I ask what is it that you see within yourself that is different than them? What comes up in your heart and body?

Is it that they got a special gene? Is it that they just have learned how to be positive? Is it that they worked super hard for decades and finally things just got easy? Or, that they are more worthy, more confident, more capable than you? Maybe that they must have suffered less, or healed more than you? Is it that if only you did this one thing more, or stopped doing this other thing, that maybe you could be that person too?

Let me share with you some truths that I have received from spirit

  • We all are human beings who each carry unique gifts to bring forth into the world
  • Joy, love and ease are our natural states of being
  • It is in moving with the constants of change in greater harmony that allows for immense growth and healing
  • We all carry the true capacity to create our dreams into our life!

What comes up when you hear these truths? Are you wondering, then why isn’t that feel true now?

josie-embraces sky-while-in-water-arms-raised

Well, let me ask you something.

Do you remember that time when you were a child? That time, however fleeting it may have been, that you were innocent and pure? That time when you were joyful and filled with wonder? Or, has even the memory of your child self shifted from the wounds, traumas and suffering experienced? Do you remember more of the seriousness of the adult you had to learn to adopt, the responsibilities that may have been given to you too soon? Of the boxes you had to step in to be accepted by others, be they family or friends? Is there an innate wonder that what if, things were different, would you be living a different life, have had different relationships, experiences, and more?

I remember how I would move through the decades from teen through adult, running to the books, the teachers, the classes and courses that promised joy, love and peace! I did all the steps and tried so hard to think positive and feel it from within. I tried manifesting, multiple practices, and learned of different methods to bring my dreams into reality. At some small points, I may have experienced some gifts come my way. But, it seemed so start then stop, where another big wave of difficulty would surface, that I then gave up and became more and more skeptical of all that was saying simply to ask, believe and receive! What was wrong with me?

Spirit kept calling me to work alongside them.

As more traumas occurred, and terrible patterns in relationships, work and life in general continued without fail, I finally surrendered to answering the call. It led me to move further on my path and into my heart than I ever have been before. It was quite the solitary journey for a while, then slowly as I healed and grew, I met truly supportive mentors who helped me step more and more into me. I began to learn of protection, safety in journeying through space, time and consciousness. I received further guidance from my heart and my spiritual team. I received the creation code, as well as the movement key. I moved through the growth & healing cycles as guided by spirit and heart song.

I remember when I experienced true joy for the first time again.

It was a magickal, sunny day, with birds chirping, and a gentle breeze blowing through the trees. I sat and breathed in nature, sharing immense gratitude for this day, my life, and me being here now. I then felt trouble breathing, a great ache and pain came into the sides of my ribs. From my practices, I knew not to be fearful of the pain that had surfaced, but to breathe into it and bring space within to see what it wished to share with me. I breathed, and I ached. It was so painful, it almost took my breath away!

Then came this immense clarity of knowing, this is joy, Josie! This experience and feeling beyond the pain, the sensation that was blossoming within, was true joy. I felt how much my body had to ache and grow in order to accommodate the fullness of this sensation. I sat and allowed my body to grow to the immense joy. Tears came to my eyes. So this is joy! After that experience, I grieved the years my body held closed in deep protection from more pain, which then limited it’s ability to accommodate joy within. I understood. I forgot how grand joy was! 

I remembered my work with my dear mentor Earthkeeper & Elder, Nukumi Selina Mu. When I journeyed to see the star oracle and asked what my true work was. They shared it was to bring back the light of the child, and my mentor shared, ah yes! You are an inner child rebirther.

This threw me for a loop, for I never heard of that before. There was no certification, no one else’s way I could follow. It was an immense moment where I had to choose, to journey into my true offering, or to offer a partially, more accepted way? Well, as you may have guessed, I chose the former. To learn from my soul, spirit and body, to journey with spirit to access the knowing of all that entailed to rebirth the child, and then to grow the child as the adult healed. To bring them into one being now, in order to create – with the innocence, wonder and purity of the child, alongside the strength, confidence and compassion of the adult, a life full of joy, magick and infinite possibilities!

Together we create


I have moved through the time, space, healing and growth necessary to now share this profound journey with you. I am not here to teach you my way. I am here to share guidance when asked, energy medicine when needed and support all ways on YOUR path true. The path that comes from within you, in great collaboration of your heart and spiritual team. For you to then pulse with creation, and co-create with spirit a life full of joy!

Your spirit is calling.

2 people look up at trees in forest

Are you ready to answer?

To commit to your growth and healing? To stop and heal the cycles of pain and suffering past? Let us journey together. To discover greater ease along the way, accompanied by a mentor and numerous spirit helpers. A year-long journey that promises to welcome all of you, judgement-free, into you here now, to dance with spirit, and co-create a life full of joy, love and peace.


The Journey

As all journeys with spirit, they are not linear. But as we cycle through the year together, these are the markers we will travel through alongside our spiritual helpers. During the entire journey, we will further connect to nature, move through ways of supporting you with the elemental energy of earth, air, water and fire.

Clearing the Kaka

Yup, this is the energy work of clearing all the sh*t – all that feels heavy, restrictive and too constricting to walk with the wonder of the child and vast sensations of joy and love.  This will address the wounds experienced, the pain and suffering held within different aspects of your being. We will reconnect to your center, your heart, and journey through time to sever any cords, clear any parasitic entities, and more. As we clear, we will receive blessings and gifts for you to carry in the new space within to assist you on your journey.


With clearing energy, comes protection work, always. We will build and mend boundaries external and internal. You will innerstand the difference between a protection boundary and a barrier placed for safety out of fear of harm. You will connect to your guardians and the protection of ancestors ascended and the divine.

Rebirthing the Child

When spirit shares it’s time, Josie will mediate with your being, and our spiritual teams, a rebirthing of the child. This is a powerful ceremony that will bring great joy and new sight within.

Growing the Child

After rebirthing the child, we will journey through the past and future, allowing the child to grow with you as you heal through time and space. There will be a point when the child and you merge, they are fully grown and you will now be able to sense the wonder and innocence with the knowing and strength of your body, soul and spirit. This is where we move through your voice, mind and heart to access the clarity within to further co-create with spirit.

Co-creating with Spirit

The final marker is to then work with pure sound, open heart and clear mind to co-create the life you desire. We practice and witness what gifts, miracles and joy enter your life. There will be a time when spirit and your heart share the journey is complete, and we have a closing ceremony to share our gratitude with all the helpers along the way. There is integration practice so you can then step further into your co-creation with spirit without Josie.

“My sessions with Josie have been abundantly healing and transforming. She creates a really sacred safe space where I always feel comfortable and accepted sharing with her. Her guidance and healing tools have been a tremendous help along my journey, always knowing just what my spirit needs. Josie has helped me take back my own power, always reminded me that I am my own healer and provided an immense amount of support, tools and genuine care along the way. If it weren’t for our sessions together I truly don’t know where I would be – and for that I am eternally grateful!”

NOOR M., Bahrain

What you receive along the journey


Guidance that comes from within, first and foremost. Expanding your listening of your heart song. Practicing moving through the cycles with greater trust of your truth. You will also receive guidance from spirit, connecting with your ascended teachers, helpers, and guardians. You will also receive 22 live 1-on-1 sessions with Josie, where she will share guidance in mediation between heart, mind and spirit. So triple guidance received!


Energy medicine is what helps heal or teach you. It will come in energy clearings of the kaka from past pains and sufferings experienced to your soul and body. We will access your soul and spirit, mending, repairing and retrieving parts of you, as we work with Josie’s spiritual team of healers and teachers to move you through the process of rebirthing the child, then growing the child as we continue to heal the adult. We journey with spirit through time and space. This is a journey of immense awareness of your energetic being, your whole being of body, soul and spirit.


You will foster a profound trust that you are protected and supported along the way as you establish connection to your guardians, ancestors, source creator, earth mother and nature. We will work in expanding your awareness to feel safety from within and then grow it around you. Josie is available between live sessions for additional text/voice support along the journey as needed.


You will also receive access to the growing group 144, which includes a private facebook group and monthly live chats about all things magickal that are blossoming within! This community will allow a great practice ground in speaking your truth in safer spaces, while nourishing, cultivating and growing a space for co-creation for the good of all.

Spiritual Bonuses


I will share the truths from my ascended teachers of movement, the pulsations of creation in space, time and consciousness, for us to carry more knowing of the gift of change to allow true transformation to occur spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


There is time in the journey to practice with the code of creation to begin experiencing a new joy-filled life – one in co-creation with spirit, that is for the good of All & One.


Meet your Mentor

So grateful to be in connection! I am Josie Amoni, and I help mediate between all that is mind, heart and spirit. My spiritual journey was a long and arduous one, through multiple lifetimes. In this life, I suffered from additional repetitive experiences of big wounds, while being shared the mindtraps of suffering, self-doubt, self-sabotage and unworthiness from the capitalist supremacist patriarchal systems. My child quickly learned to be quiet and serious. I tried to balance living a spiritual life, while trying to adhere to what was accepted as normal by society for decades.

But spirit kept calling, they whispered of destiny, of joy, ease, and boundless love. I sifted through numerous teachers that still were adhering to the guru-complex, I became a student of many and sat at the seat with a mixture of dedicated commitment and skepticism. My inner sight sensed ego work, old teachings of authority and ‘better than/less than’ which did not align with all that I received within along the way. I was gifted integral encounters with some mentors and healers who shared deep support as I further opened to my gifts and the divine.

I was born into a household of meditators and have been practicing for over 30 years. I have been growing and healing self for 22 years now. I have taught and worked as a healer for over 13 years, and I now bring my experience, wisdom and gifts to share with you. This journey I share is what I have carried through many trials and tests to bring here now. I am a child rebirther, then I walk with you and spirit to grow the child and heal the adult until they merge and become one.

I am here now in full commitment to my true path. I work with a spiritual team of ancients, shamans, star kin and medicine people, to unite the teachings of the earth and the stars for greater harmony within. So we can truly be the change we wish for the world. First within, so without. Let’s move and journey together! I welcome you!

“Being mentored by Josie has been such a beautiful journey of getting to know and accept ALL parts of self especially the parts that we’ve been conditioned to hide away in shame. It’s been about learning to create boundaries and then learning how to let them morph and flow as you morph and flow. With Josie’s guidance, I’ve begun to honour my own natural cycles instead of forcing myself to push through. She’s helped me access my connection to my Spirit team, Source Creator, my Ancestors, my Divine self and my gifts. 

My one-on-one sessions with Josie have allowed me to feel truly seen, heard, and accepted for who I am and where I am in my journey Now. Josie has gently guided me to look at past traumas with a different lens and an open heart so that I can heal that which is ready to be healed, and acknowledge and honour what isn’t yet quite ready. This mentorship with Josie has been such a gift and has truly made a profound difference in my life. “

DEBBIE D.M., Canada

Slow down your breath, place your hand on your heart, and bring your awareness there.

Ask your heart, not your head this question. What would living my most joyful life feel like? Breathe as you experience the feeling.

Then ask yourself to wonder, what dreams would I bring into my life now? Know the mind may try to clamp down the dreams, or make you feel guilty or uncertain for dreaming them. With that awareness, let yourself listen and see the dreams more freely. What are they? Write or draw them down.

Loving relationships, work that you love, community that supports you, more financial freedom, prosperity, a new home in nature, whatever comes, allow it!

Now, state out loud: "I am ready to co-create with spirit and bring these dreams into my life now!"

Sense what comes up, any wavering of your voice with the sound? Any pain response in the body and heart? Any conflict or movement within the mind?

If so, know this is the journey that can help gently ease that internal conflict. Where we can lovingly heal body, mind, and voice to support your dreams.

Invest in You. It's time.

So you can shine bright, live joyfully, and share your truth with the world.

I’ve worked with Josie for the past four months and already feel an immense awareness and change within all my bodies. Not only did she help me understand myself and energy but also how to protect and nurture it. I look forward to our sacred sessions and always feels supported and heard (she’s a great listener).” 



The Investment

Full payment: $7555 CAD / $6056 USD

Payment plan 1: A total of 4 seasonal installments of $2111 CAD/$1692 USD

Payment plan 2: Deposit of $777 CAD/$623 USD followed by 12 monthly payments of $688 CAD/$552 USD

Since we are stepping into a profoundly transformative journey together, please let us first book a time to meet and connect. Share a bit of yourself, your intention with the Co-creator Journey, and some days and times that work best for us to connect.

“Stepping into my true self while reconnecting and awakening to my gifts has been a truly wonderful experience thanks to Josie’s guidance, support and teachings. I am deeply grateful to have her as my mentor on this beautiful journey. With love and gratitude.”


FAQ on the Journey

This is work that aligns you with spirit, as well as the rhythms and the cycles of the seasons, the moon and sun, as well as the year. We must become aware of time cycles in order to move through the past and future more easefully together. There is time required to rebirth the child, then to grow the child and heal the adult. So that they can become one to co-create with spirit a life of pure joy.  

Look back at the years you may have felt pure joy, an open heart and a clear mind. Was it a fleeting sensation or an established way of being for longer cycles of time? This year will allow you to grow & heal in order to establish these in your presence as a regular state of being. It takes time, and the tests and trials experienced in your life during the year are part of the journey. So you can apply what is experienced and grown within you into your life now.

Your healing is in consensual collaboration with Josie, her spiritual team of healers, as well as spirit, your healers and the divine. This is a team effort. By journeying through time cycles after establishing awareness of safety & protection, we can access the roots that may have grown even before this lifetime. Once they are located and uprooted with your consent, the multiple wounds that seemed different start to string together and unravel their independent stories into an intricate tapestry. Understanding of how many of our traumas are interrelated to great wounds of lifetimes and lineages will assist in the healing & growth process which occur simultaneously.

You step into a journey with intention. The intention clearly stated to spirit is to co-create a joyful life. With that intention, we can then allow the healing and growth necessary to allow that to happen.

If you are still in a trauma response, recommendation to first work with a psychotherapist may be recommended.

The creation code, as gifted by the ascended teachers, shares that there is action & being, work & play. There is a natural pulsation of creation that we learn to not resist, but to move with. As we practice co-creating with spirit, with the clear mind, open heart, and pure sound that is gifted to you as you heal & grow, we address what comes from the teachings of space with time. You will witness more miracles abundantly flowing with you, as you dance through creation. You will discover how to prepare for and move through the different pulsations of action, rest, being, play and work that it asks for.

The total journey if paid in full is $7555 CAD / $6056 USD. There are 2 payment plans. It can be paid in seasonal (every 3-months) installments of $2111 CAD/$1692 USD. It can be paid in monthly installments of $688 CAD/$552 USD with an initial deposit of $777 CAD/$623 USD.

As per spirit, Josie offers a total of 13 spirit journeys annually. 1 of those journeys is shared as a full scholarship. The scholarship is made available once 8 of those journeys are filled. If you are interested, you can share with Josie your intention, commitment, and why you wish to receive the scholarship. Josie will keep all scholarship applications, and work with spirit in selecting of the one offered annually.

Yes! For those who are interested in a specific aspect of the co-creator journey, Josie offers 4 power journeys that focus on the heart, mind, voice and service. For more information on the journeys, you can also book a meeting with Josie.

More questions?