Well(come) you are Here

Channeling SPirit workshop

do we have your attention?


well (come)

You have intrigue to be here. There are parts of you that have already responded YES to the invitation, to what has already been proffered. So we now ask you to welcome the NOs too…

What questions do you have for spirit?
What trains of thoughts come into mind?
What sensations come into belly?
What movements and sensations are shared with(in)(out)?
Are you ready to further connections with spirit that can receive your truth in translation all ways? To support you further than you may know or see?

Deep inhale IN
Listen to your sound as you exhale OUT
Try this 3 times.

Connecting with spirit always firsts asks if we have your attention. If there is unease and other things moving, we will not connect unless you have consented in your agreement with us to allow for dis-ease. (Read that again) Your consent and ease in receiving transmissions, your ability to say YES/NO at every layer of boundaries IN/OUT, the further dialogue to be had as you clair(ify) connection(s) and response(s) is all honoured. It is reciprocal way.

“I knew these workshops would be helpful but I never anticipated just how amazing they would be. They were beyond all of my expectations. The information and messages coming through blew my mind, I made connections with several new guides, and over these weeks flowed in a river of synchronicities. Everything has shifted for me. And as always, Josie’s deep support, kindness, and her own guidance are part of the generosity she brings to her work.”

J.L., ring 1

Are you ready to feel, listen, see more?
To know you have the ability to say N or Y all ways.

To receive safety and protocol as you open to more.
To receive medicine to assist in integration and growth in connection.

To discover how spirit works beyond the binary, hence why at first, you may have experienced discomfort as you opened yoU

tree with branches roots and trunk with light peeping through the leaves

Spirit shares:

Not to worry, Josie will include some lists below for your mind to know of what may be addressed. Know this is carefully designed beyond even their comprehension and as you know “spirit works in mysterious ways”.

Allow yourself to laugh. To trust that this is a connection to conversations with you consenting all ways with what is supportive for your being. Your care is our care.

Breathe into that. Feel that.
Do you open to that?

Then look at these dates and feel the journey and the codes there. Do not perplex, simply receive what is shared with you now.

2022 dates tba

you are welcome to connect with Josie to share your interest in this next series

A 3-part experiential series
Observational, reflective.
A series of conversations, listenings and soundings.

If this sounds like music, read on.

cOnnecting with spirit
in preparations & in presence,
for solstice & MmOre 1, 2, 3

*(1) take in, chew, spit out, digest. IN/OUT
Write down your questions
Your fears
Your doubts
And see what you feel ready to voice in session

And trust what you do not sound, will be received by spirit within the unstruck sounds within the heart. For in heart, we connect to all hearts.

*(2) gently expanding your capacity to receive spirit messages and knowing how to apply them to your life

*(3) includes recordings of all series sessions, plus separate recordings of spirit sound medicine to practice throughout the series for assistance with integration.

Josie’s shares:

I feel this ring’s energy is one that needs:

  • Affirmation of what you already know, are in relations with, and can now receive more clair(ity) in. Trusting connections and protections
  • Integration with assistance. Processing sounding, movement, play, rest and more
  • Restoration of connections to certain spirits with wisdom & medicine for your body, heart, mind, all below and above.

I have opened a number code of seats and will notify if only wait list for ring 3 is available. That is not meant to push you, but spirit has always shared with these workshops that it must ask you to choose swiftly and fluidly through your body. Tensions and blips are normal, for your body may be sharing what is excited to surface and release with spirit and circle’s assistance.

josie in forest working with energy

Registration will open in 2022

You can register for the 1st session by making a deposit of $77 (CAD) and then pay the remainder if you so choose to continue, or pay in full for $222.