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Circle Wisdom

The energy of a circle still smacks me with awe. For in this co-creation of container, we then can allow the alchemy to occur within. To move with the rhythm the circle of beings bring, for us to receive more of our truths and wisdom. We all carry immense gifts and knowing!

+ Medicine

The energy of the circle shares potent healing energy flow to assist the clearing & receiving cycles within you. The circle amplifies and blesses all who choose to collaborate in it’s creation and form. I am in deep gratitude for the teachings of the circle! May you peruse the circles formed, and may you choose which one aligns with what is asked for on your path now.

Gathering with Intention


Share Wisdom

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Allow YOu 2 Be TrUe

community support


We all carry great natural abilities that will bring more ease, joy and abundance of loving support and comfort into our lives. As we heal and awaken, more of these natural gifts you carry are revealed to you. Then comes the practice of acclimating to them, cultivating and nourishing your gifts to allow them to grow. So that slowly, you can step out in service to others, sharing what comes with ease from within.

Each and everyone of you who are reading this carry unique gifts that have been carried within your soul, spirit and body since the beginning of time. They have moved through multiple time & space cycles, lifetimes and ancestors, and the powerful mix of all that you are is here NOW for you to discover them in their entirety!

When discovering your unique pathway, it may seem that because of your differences you may not have anyone to share this beautiful journey with. But it’s been shown again and again, how in courageously voicing and sounding your journey out with others can bring further innerstanding and awareness. 

For decades I have witnessed and participated in sounding out the inner workings of my mind, heart and soul with others in small groups. I felt the deep ahas that came from sharing my confusion, putting my queries out there, connecting with others that may have felt the need to hide parts of their spiritual path from their family and friends. We enjoyed getting weird together, where we could converse and share in our multiple paths, and each always received more strength to move through all that we were experiencing, plus the courage to move further into our personal practices.

Since I was in my teens, I reverberated connections to other seers, mediums, healers, dreamers, channels and intuitives. If you have connected to me, trust that you are one! I have enjoyed conversations across the world with others who got to share and discover all that they are. In the comforting acceptance of all parts of us, as we navigated traversing through the shadows and light on our paths. 

It’s incredible to see now, from the many decades I have been journeying on this path, how now the elements, the seasons, and the rhythms and patterns of nature are all so alive from our time cycles with this work! They are now assisting us so swiftly in healing, as well as welcoming in such great awakenings and knowings in all that you are.

So from all that I am, in relation to all that we are, this gathering space, this watering (w)hole is forming. A space where we can flow into conversation, vocalize more of our inner world and diverse pathways, where we can encourage each other to further expand into what we have been gifted. And then, to enjoy the practice of creation, singing the music of creation that comes from our mouths.

gifted is a group for those who wish to cultivate a community that supports each other, that nourishes our different gifts, and trusts that we can grow together.

We meet up 1x monthly, between the New and Full moon cycles. This group is ongoing, and you are welcome to rejoin at any time after initial registration.

  • Gatherings are held on Thursdays, a potent day for magick and vocalizing truth & creations
  • Conversations can flow between 2-2.5 hours
  • Each season we will first have an introduction to each participant, share the intention & boundaries of the group, and then move into conversation
  • Conversation encourages listening, feeling, sounding and receiving. You will never be forced to sound, you can always choose to listen. 
  •  We will close each group with meditation & sound, to amplify what we choose to co-create. There are no limits to the possibility of creation!
  • Group is free for all who are on spirit journeys with Josie

a place where all of you belongs

1st season of the gifted group begins April 22 7pm ET


Meet Josie, anchor of the gifted group

I am an Artist

My mediums worked with are energy, sounds, word and sometimes paint

Some of the gifts I carry are energy medicine ~ mediumship ~ channeling ~ dimensional travels ~ oracle

I guide journeys of time, space & consciousness, meditations and activations of center

In this group, I will assist the conversation, and am happy to share any insight/wisdom I may carry in the queries that flow into group

I work with Spirit. I honour all the helpers and divine beings that will sit with us from all dimensions of time. I will share what comes from ancestors, ascended teachers, and more.

“Life is such a truly remarkable thing, Josie and I met 15 years ago through a marriage.  Little did I know that she would become such a catallistic part of the healing that would take place while on my journey. I don’t think I’ve ever personally known anyone that is driven by such passion or for such a unique goal as to actively create a safe and healing community.

I am deeply grateful for the time that I’ve been blessed to spend under Josie’s healing wing.  She has relieved my troubled heart and mind in such a resounding way on numerous occasions.  Josie is a gracious and knowledgeable teacher and true healer. I’m amazed at her knowledge and gift to relay information about energy so that anyone can understand it and access it. Her divine energy healing and teaching has lifted me to the secure and focused place that I find myself in now.”

PAMELA P., Canada

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Open to:

  • women & non-binary folx
  • intuitives, healers, mediums, channelers, dreamers, seers

Group Boundaries:

  • this is a space that celebrates our differences. This is not a place to indoctrinate you/another on one path, but to allow everyone a safer space to navigate your unique path
  • This is a judgement-free space where you get to enjoy all aspects of you – even those parts of you that may feel weird, or uncategorized as of yet

What may be explored (pertaining to those within group):

  • safe travels through time, space & consciousness
  • energy medicine
  • dreams
  • akashic records
  • ancestral connections & wisdom
  • spirit guides
  • all the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc.)
  • intuitive development & divination
  • intent & purpose
  • offering your gifts with the world (moving through the capitalist system to honouring reciprocity and soul-level fulfillment)
  • mediumship
  • channeling & spirit guidance


register here

tier 1

$66 CAD

seasonal donation

You are open to investing in your growth and capacity for creation. You are ready to invest in building a community that supports each other’s multiple pathways and unique gifts. 

tier 2

$99 CAD

seasonal donation

You are ready to commit to self exploration and trust that community can amplify & support your journey. You are capable of sharing this commitment and currentC to spiritual growth.

tier 3

$133 CAD

seasonal donation

You are on your self journey and ready to grow a community that supports each other. You are able to pay some forward to cultivate scholarships being accessible.

scholarships per season

available to BIPOC & LGBTQIA2S+ first


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