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Josi has facilitated circles for over 12 years. Wherever they traveled and landed, circles would form. The energy and symbol of circle shares much to teach us, as well as much for us to experience together. The gathering of energies can be immensely transformational for all present. Since 2019, Josi has supported circles online, where we meet on equal footing, honouring that we all carry the collective responsibility to support the space within.

travelers club

Are you getting the nudge to travel? It does not need to be on this physical plane. We can move gently, with honour and deep care for our earth and it’s peoples. We do not need to continue to extract it’s resources, we can support in being resource. For those who wish to travel, I am opening the next 3 travels explored in Travelers Club, of full moon, new moon, and solstice dates, for you to step in and explore these learning grounds. Full moons tend to share with us healing travels, in connections with our ancestors, to support us in our movements forwards. New moons tend to share with us the subtle work on planes that blur between self and we. Where we step in to us practicing our weavings and mendings in many realms. 

a practice ground for further study and responsible travels with ancestors, ancients, and more. where we meet on new and full moons, solstices and equinoxes. to learn with our guardians and teachers of our medicine. All travels are at 7pm Eastern Daylight Savings time.

  • full moon date: Monday, Nov. 27
  • new moon travel date: Monday, Dec. 11
  • solstice travel: Friday, Dec. 22

You are welcome to join us for 1, some, or all. Minimum $30 donation per travel date.

Many who step into this group for a season, or more, are experienced practitioners of subtle energy practices, and it’s medicine. This space is for us to further learn together, with practices that support further safety and responsibility when traveling through consciousness. Please remember, we all carry gifts and the capacity to travel over time through space! You are welcome here, for a season or more, and can further practice with me on my Youtube channel.

multicolored FLAME

circle of the flame

Flame ignited within. Tend to your flame to support internal & external energetic processes. We continue forwards to ensure it won’t snuff out.

Energy alchemy (clearing & protection work), elemental practices & subtle energy study to support our personal & collective liberation work. 

Weekly circle connections for the rest of 2023. Sundays at 11AM – 1PM EDT. This is an open circle, meaning, you are welcome to join for 1, some, or many. Begins 11/12/2023 through 12/17/2023. 6 sessions in total. You are welcome to share your donation for all 6, or per session.

By donation. minimum $30 CAD ($22 USD) per session.

trees and light share circles

Private Circles

Josi also offers private circles in-person & online, to support your group’s needs, or time zone. With Josi’s facilitation, they support the gentle transmutative process of a circle, whilst sharing what’s asked for in mind/heart to further comprehend and experience these teachings and processes.

  • what voice(s) are you listening to within you? is it your heart? your inner teacher? your fear? your ego? your inner judge? Are they still sounding like authoritative commands? 
  • are you jumping around multiple ways and modalities of practice? to solely enjoy what ‘feels good’, but skipping over the stuff that may feel more icky? how have you been working through your shadows, you know, the things that you don’t want to see in yourself? your own culpability?
  • how have you integrated your spiritual journey into your life? how have you discerned or deciphered what you have been receiving from meditations, downloads, and conversations with Spirit? how has it led to practical shifts in your life? how has it supported you in further caring for your body, house and home? 

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carry a specific intention to connect? take a look at my private services.

You are always welcome to step between group work, private work, and self work. If you are nudged to connect privately, 


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