Energy Medicine Services

Welcome dear soul! So grateful to be in connection with you. Here I offer certain 1-time services when needed to assist you on your life path.

If you are getting the nudge for some assistance, but uncertain of what energy medicine is needed, just connect with me for a clarity call

On Pricing - CurrentC

CurrentC is a current of energy exchange that shares consent and intention to spirit, heart, and me as the mediator between. Once currentC is received, it opens the channel and the session commences. Meaning, the preparation time, live session, and the integration time all carry deep shifts. You will receive additional preparation & integration guidance as received from spirit. 

With a commitment to support BIPOC, 2SLBTQIA+, and those who are in deep patterns of suffering, partial & full scholarships are granted to those in need. Simply contact Josie with your service request, what you may be able to offer, and she will connect with you in what spirit shares.

may spirit assist us

josie in forest working with energy

“Working with Josie has been a beautiful experience. I came into this relationship with very little experience in energy work. I found Josie to be extremely knowledgeable and put me right at ease. Every encounter has brought me deeper into my energetic journey. I have also gifted her services to others who have fallen in love with Josie’s work as well. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity you are ready for.”

KRISTA C., Canada


The gifts I have cultivated with my spiritual team that are of service to all work with energy & sound. I mediate between all that is mind, heart & spirit. Payments for energy medicine are due to confirm booking, and to be received minimum 2 days prior to open to preparations from heart & spirit. Upon payment received, you will be emailed to share your booking choices.

Sound Healing

These sessions begin with a breathing practice to bring your awareness into the here and now. Then, spirit will share the protocol for the sound healing. With headphones, you then lie down, breathe and receive.  Sounds vary dependent on the healing assistance asked from heart, soul and body. They are ancient tongue, light language and sound vibrations. These are excellent for emotional processing and release, as well as easing the body.

Guidance Oracle

In guidance sessions, I connect to oracle, as well as ascended teachers, and additional guides. They may share meditation practices for further clarity, as well as guidance. I also draw oracle/tarot cards to support and add to what’s surfaced. Be specific in your query for clear guidance. If you do not have a specific query, an energy clearing would be recommended first. You receive the audio recording for further review onwards, plus any pictures of cards drawn. 

Energy Clearing

When you access in your life journey conflict within the mind, uncertainty of how to move forwards, a disconnect to your heart, or limits to your voice. When something is surfacing to be cleared that no longer serves being carried by you. In all clearings I work with my healer team of spirits, plus yours. I mediate through energy work & sound between all that step in to assist. There is preparation for a clearing, as well as integration time following. 

“I recently completed online energy work with Josie Houpt and have two words “Life Transforming”.  I have experienced a deeper connection to self, with healing in a safe, loving and nurturing environment.  This has given me the tools to continue to self heal and to transfer that healing to others.  This has truly been a blessing.”

– LISA C., Canada

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sound healing

$66 CAD

30 minutes session

After an initial breathing practice & protocol shared by spirit, sound and song will be shared to heal the body, soul, spirit connection. Be well hydrated for this service.

guidance oracle

$133 CAD

1-1.5 hr session

This shares guidance from heart and spirit. Have a clear query in mind to ask oracle. It is recorded so you can reference what was received onwards.

energy clearing

$244 CAD

1.5-2 hrs session

This offers clearing of what is not supporting an easeful flow of energy within. Entity clearings are $333 CAD. Subsequent sessions in a series are $166 CAD.

“Josie has a loving spirit that helps you feel taken care of and peaceful. Through our session together I was able to clarify how I could move forward in my career to best serve my students & to fuel my passion for teaching. I am forever grateful to her for her gentle guidance and am certain that I would not have the successful career that I presently enjoy if it wasn’t for her guidance. Thank you Josie!”

DIANA M., Canada


Integration Time

Upon completion of the intake of energy medicine, integration time is required. Allow the 2-4 days following to allow yourself salt baths, nourishing and grounding foods, ample water intake, and rest when needed. Allow any emotional release (crying, rage, etc.) to move through you. Allow your feelings (energy in motion) and thoughts that surface to continue the release of what’s occurring within. You can always connect if integration feels too intense, and I will share further tips for personal integration that come post-session. With energy clearings, what has been shared of integration time is the need for more rest, and you tend to carry way less anxiety than before.

Allow your whole self the time it needs to acclimate and assimilate all that has transpired. Energy continues it’s movement, you heart continues to heal and nurture you, even when our time together closes. A meditation that has assisted many in integration is the You are Protected & Safe meditation on my Youtube Channel 2. You can always peruse the library of free resources and trust the nudge if one pops out to practice during these times. The main thing, is to know during integration time it is not a time to do more energy work. All you need to ‘do’ is breathe, rest and hydrate. Allow time in nature. Time to BE.

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