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The I, You & We

It came clear in a journey up the akashic mountain. I saw clearly and understood the purpose of my work. It took me some time to move through any of the separation between the I, You and We that still resided within. Even in seeing all, my mind was still thinking linear! I now understand, that all aspects of the vision received must be available now.

The Vision

The vision is for 144 integrated beings to clearly co-create for the good of all. To harmonize individual sound and hold space for true change. For the I, You, and We to resonate with truth, clearly bringing forth more joy for all.

Together we Gather


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For the good of All


we gather in circle

a container where we step in on level ground

We all carry great natural abilities that will bring more ease, joy and abundance of loving support and comfort into our lives. As we heal and expand, more of these natural gifts are revealed to you. Then comes the practice of acclimating to them, cultivating and nourishing them to allow them to grow. So that slowly, you can step out to share more with others what comes with ease from within.

Each and everyone of you who are reading this carry unique gifts that have been carried within your soul, spirit and body since the beginning of time. They have moved through multiple time cycles & space, that held lifetimes and ancestors, and the powerful mix of all that you are is here NOW for you to discover them in their entirety!

We step into circle with the clear intention for all to open to their gifts and their medicine. As we grow further into true leaders of multiple pathways with spirit, we will amplify and support co-creation for the good of all. This means, with a clear mind, open heart, and pure sound, we will practice the creation code together. To bring forward more of our dreams into form. 

Are you ready to work with spirit? To welcome more miracles and magick? To support our collective joy? 

The energy of a circle is naturally healing, and where there is healing there is growth! At any time in our connection, if you are so guided to journey with Josie independently, concurrently receiving assistance with what may surface in your heart, mind and being, simply connect with Josie for a chat. 

group 144 is a circle of sovereign beings that step into connection with a clear intention that all that we co-create within will be for the good of All & One

We meet up 1x monthly, between the New and Full moon cycles. This group is ongoing, and you are welcome to rejoin at any time after initial registration.

  • Gatherings are held on Sundays, a potent day for alignment with spirit
  • Duration can flow between 2-2.5 hours
  • We first welcome new beings always and share the boundaries of the circle
  • Conversation encourages listening, feeling, sounding and receiving. You will never be forced to sound, you can always choose to listen. The first hour we will have time to share our gifts, what we have encountered or are moving through, and receive wisdom & support within the circle.
  • Then we will move through sharing our dreams to co-create, and step into agreement with what we will bring into our co-creation practice together with spirit
  • Group is complimentary for all who are on spirit journeys with Josie
  • You will gain access to a Private Facebook group to support the connections made

a place where all of you belongs

Group 144 meets on Sundays monthly at 12pm EST.

“Josie is a wonderful guide through self. They are very thoughtful and aware of themselves and the power of their words and space. There is so much knowledge she has to offer and it was a real pleasure to discover and connect.  I have deeply grown from the time knowing Josie and the spaces she has created, and feel so much more joy and inner peace in my life.”


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Meet Josie, anchor of the group

I am an Artist

My mediums worked with are energy, sounds, word and sometimes paint

Some of the gifts I carry are sound ~ energy medicine ~ mediumship ~ channeling ~ safe dimensional travels ~ oracle ~ inner child rebirthing

I guide journeys of time, space & consciousness, meditations and activations of center with the assistance of spirit

In this group, I will assist the conversation and co-creation work, I am happy to share any insight/wisdom I may carry in the queries that flow into group

I work with Spirit. I honour all the helpers and divine beings that will sit with us from all dimensions of time. I will share what comes from ancestors, ascended teachers, and more.

“Life is such a truly remarkable thing, Josie and I met 15 years ago through a marriage.  Little did I know that she would become such a catallistic part of the healing that would take place while on my journey. I don’t think I’ve ever personally known anyone that is driven by such passion or for such a unique goal as to actively create a safe and healing community.

I am deeply grateful for the time that I’ve been blessed to spend under Josie’s healing wing.  She has relieved my troubled heart and mind in such a resounding way on numerous occasions.  Josie is a gracious and knowledgeable teacher and true healer. I’m amazed at her knowledge and gift to relay information about energy so that anyone can understand it and access it. Her divine energy healing and teaching has lifted me to the secure and focused place that I find myself in now.”

PAMELA P., Canada

group 144 is open to All beings

Group Boundaries:

  • this is a space that celebrates our differences. This is not a place to indoctrinate you/another on one path, but to allow everyone a safer space to navigate your unique path
  • This is a judgement-free space where you get to enjoy all aspects of you – even those parts of you that may feel weird, or uncategorized as of yet. Judgement-free does not mean free to harm – please note Josie will moderate the energy of the container to ensure all bodies and spirits are free from harm. This is not a space where the I reigns supreme. This is a space for the I, You and We.
  • Our clear intentions are moved through within the group until all beings share agreement to what is worked on in co-creation

What may be explored (pertaining to those within group):

  • safe travels through time, space & consciousness
  • boundaries & protection
  • energy/sound healing
  • dreams
  • akashic records
  • ancestral connections & wisdom
  • spirit guides
  • all the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc.)
  • intuitive development & divination
  • intent & purpose
  • offering your gifts with the world (moving through the capitalist system to honouring reciprocity and soul-level fulfillment)
  • mediumship
  • channeling & spirit guidance
  • Co-creation with SPirit!

All group members have access to:

  • 1-time energy medicine services with Josie when needed
  • private facebook group as more space to support our connection
  • the creation code (full 4-videos sharing all of the code)
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group 144

join us in co-creation!

tier 1

$66 CAD

seasonal donation

You are open to investing in your growth and capacity for creation. You are ready to be in a community that supports each other’s multiple pathways and unique gifts.

tier 2

$99 CAD

seasonal donation

You are ready to commit to self exploration (healing & growth) and trust that community can amplify & support your journey. You are capable of sharing this commitment and currentC to your co-creations.

tier 3

$133 CAD

seasonal donation

You are on your self journey and ready to grow a community that supports each other. You are able to pay some forward to cultivate scholarships being accessible.

scholarships per season

available to BIPOC & LGBTQIA2S+ first


Connect for More. Gifts, presence, heart.