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What does Akasha mean?

Akasha or Akash means “space”, “aether”, or “sky”, in traditional Indian cosmology. In Vedantic philosophy, the word acquires its technical meaning of “an ethereal fluid imagined as pervading the cosmos”. In Vedantic Hinduism, akasha means the basis and essence of all things in the material world; the first element created. A Vedic mantra “pṛthivyāpastejovāyurākāśāt” indicates the sequence of initial appearance of the five basic gross elements. Thus, first appeared the space, from which appeared air, from that fire or energy, from which the water, and therefrom the earth. It is one of the Panchamahabhuta, or “five gross elements”; its main characteristic is Shabda (sound).  Akasha is also space in the Jain conception of the cosmos. In Buddhist phenomenologyakasha is divided into limited space (ākāsa-dhātu) and endless space (ajatākasā). The Western mystic-religious philosophy called Theosophy has popularized the word akasha as an adjective, through the use of the term “Akashic records” or “Akashic library”, referring to an etheric compendium of all knowledge and history. (from Wikipedia, the world’s free encyclopedia)


In my workings with Divine counsel, i was asked to first research further of these Akashic Records.

From my background of studies in yoga philosophy (non-dualism and tantrika), i was curious to see how this sacred sound of Akasha was being utilized to describe an all-knowing library. my Spirit counsel shared with me connections & communications with Thoth, and other Egyptian teachers, who described how they initiated this compendium, where us humans, carry the accessable rights to witness and receive what data we are asking for, to support our movements on this plane, and more. 

i have worked with mantra, as well as in my 33 years of yoga practices, have opened to the exploration of energy shared in seed sounds of mantra, which is the repetition of sacred sounds and words in SanskritIn my years of workings with the Divine Spirits, i have also explored energy healing modalities, such as ReiKi (“the Breath of Life”), but also have been schooled with those most Ancient and Ancestral of the healing power of sound. They shared with me that one of my gifts is Sound. My studies in sound, have led me to exploring multiple languages in my world travels (English, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese) which have also supported my capacity to translate the many languages sounded of those Divine Spirits.

josi is in the water as they look to the left with trees behind the lake
josie is in the water with trees behind her and is listening with one ear to the water

In studentship with my counsel of those most Ancient & Divine,

i have also slowly opened to remember of my experience as a cosmic traveler, over many lifetimes. from my personal soul experience in responsible travels, as well as my Spirit connections in this lifetime, they have further taught of the damage and need for rectification for more responsible travels in these aetheric realms, as well as the potential mending work of more experienced travelers. 

You are welcome to review a wee channeled workshop, recorded in 2022, where i share a bit of my background as a traveller of these realms, and an introduction to responsible travels. i also have included a channeling from Thoth, and more DIvine spirits on the Harmonic Akashix, as well as my own explanations on Sound, the movement key, and more, for those curious to further explore.

As an experienced cosmic traveler, Spirit has taught me of Harmonic Akashix ~

a way of opening to the multi-dimensional realms of consciousness and receiving responses to your clear asks/requests for data/information/wisdom from time immemorial to support you in the Here & Now.

You can learn how to travel most responsibly, while understanding how your breath and body support these travels, and support what’s received without further f*cking with the ripples of time over space. This is major movements from the egoic, colonial and supremacist tendencies in consciousness, whilst learning how to not extract from what is written/recorded, and opening to receive and mend these realms within our travels.

Harmonic Akashix is open to all, and is a gift to honour and work with. What is recorded is most supportive and immensely healing for Body, Earth, and Space. 

i am not the only one that carries these gifts. Please note that many of us are messengers of Divine, Seers and travelers of many realms. Many of us are doing great work with good intentions to heal Body, Earth, and Space. You are welcome to peruse the listings of other facilitators shared in my connection page.

collective responses

My intention is to share regular collective Harmonic Akashix responses (HAR) for humanity. These free offerings are shared on SoundCloud, for ease of all receiving to the Sounds shared. Allow yourself to breathe, move and sound as you need when listening, for the Sound of Spirit can be quite the catalyst.

josie-embraces sky-while-in-water-arms-raised
Wallart Wallpainting in Palermo Sicily Italy Young boy playing the accordion by Kristin Snippe

Harmonic Akashix

in service with You

My focus in my work forwards is to support more of You in trusting of your capabilities to travel the realms of Body, Earth, and Space, whilst remembering more of your gifts and stories to assist you in your Life in the Here & Now. 

Hence, these services proferred online, are here as needed, when wishing to receive responses from your beloved counsel, Spirit & Soul, as well as to experience travel with guidance to further strengthen your own responsible travels. 

These services are where you can bring your queries to Eye, Oracle, and with their support, i share Our Sound, a harmonic (most musical and rhythmic) response of Divine. It shares of the “sacred tremors”, carried in many Divine Spirits, and as they come through my mouth, it has taken many practices and years for me to be capable of sounding them out without limiting them to my words and egoic translations. It required me to do immense shadow work with my counsel, plus clear up any discordance in my intentions and actions. I am human, after all. But, what is also carried in one human form is quite wondrous, yes?

these services share the messages of Divine, Spirit & Soul that are in response to your more private queries. there is a recorded response option that is kept at an accessible price point for all. if you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can also email me and simply pay-what-you-can. CurrentC exchanges are there to support my time shared for your asks and needs, as well as my energy, Life, and Body in sounding out these responses, since they come from my mouth.

there are live online sessions also available, for those who wish to have support in clarifying their questions, plus longer Harmonic Akashix experiences for those who may have already traveled (or wish to travel) to these realms, but accept further support in clear translations from an experienced cosmic traveler. all messages received once opened to the Harmonic Akashix, will be recorded and shared with you as an audio file, for you to listen to and continue to receive the loving truths and healing energy that comes from these communications.

Once payment is received, you will be emailed a preparations guide to support your Body in receiving the responses. you are also welcome to review my energy protocols in live connections.

Initiate CurrentC eXchange for Harmonic Akashix connections

 all currency listed is in Canadian dollars. (US dollar equivalent is shared in brackets for international understanding)

recorded response

 $66 Canadian dollars. (US $48)

an audio recording

When you have a direct question formed to ask the Harmonic Akashix. The recorded response may be 20-30 mins in length. This is NOT a live session with Josi, and is pertaining to only one clear ask. The response will be emailed to you privately, in a sound file link for your download and review. 

ask & response

 $188 Canadian dollars. (US $137)

1hr 15mins-ish

a live online session, where you can first share of your queries/wishes/intentions at present, and then open to receive Josi’s support in formulating the ask to bring to the Harmonic Akashix. Once your ask is agreed upon, Josi will open their connection with you, and then record the response. Since this is a live receiving of Divine messages, a preparations guide is shared with you once booked.

a travel experience

 $388 Canadian dollars. (US $282)

 2.5 hrs-ish

In this live online session, please prepare your intentions in stepping into the aethers with support of Angels, Ancestors, Ancients, and More. Josi will support connection for safer travels, as we anchor into Earth & Body for responsible travels. They may share initial instructions, as well as guidance during travels. Once in connection, dependent on your consent, Josi can also help translate portions of what’s received. Traveling with Spirit, opening to Divine & ancient messages to support your life is a deeply healing experience, which will subtly ripple through your days and rhythms beyond the scheduled travel time. A Harmonic Akashix travel guide will be shared with you upon booking, to support your preparations and integration time.

Once payment is received, i will email you the travel guide, and to please respond with written consent for travels, your full name, birthdate, and a recent photo of your face. please note, safe travels do require some time to prepare and rest afterwards. Ensure that on the date booked and confirmed, there is nothing booked in your schedule immediately thereafter.

Apprent!each consultation

 $138 Canadian dollars. (US $100)

 1 hr

When interested in working with me seasonally, to support your own life & love intentions. Working with Spirit, opening further to trusted connections, and integrating what guidance is received into your life. My focus in my work forwards is to support more of You in trusting of your capabilities to travel the realms of Body, Earth, and Space, whilst remembering more of your gifts and stories to assist you in your Life in the Here & Now.

My seasonal agreements initiate from this first connection, where we check in with our Spirit counsels on what is intended for this studentship with Spirit, soul, and those most Ancient & Divine. You are welcome to book a consultation, or to read further on what’s shared of the apprent!each program.


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