When Spirit calls, do you listen?

It may come loudly, or super soft depending on how many times you have been afraid to answer the call. Maybe life’s tasks got in the way, you justified not answering it by sharing you don’t have the time for it, you are not ready for it, etc. etc. But again and again, Spirit comes calling. It shares with you something has got to change, it hints to the mundane life you are living and promises you more magick and possibilities. It asks you to step onto your sacred path, to forge the road ahead courageously and in deep connection with your heart. To allow your life to be filled with wondrous experiences and all that is most sacred.

person stands on rock amongst water and trees

Help with the Trials

But, the journey is tough, it shares many shadows in Self that you have carried for a long time. It gifts multiple tests of your commitment, sifts through all that your body, soul and spirit are crying for you to pay attention to. This is where I come in. Someone who walks the journey with spirit, faced the dragon, went through multiple deaths and rebirths. I am here to walk with you, to share guidance and support along the way, to assist you in building the courage and confidence to move from the mundane to the magickal. To live a life that is truly extraordinary, with trust and strength in self, spirit, one and all!

“Stepping into my true self while reconnecting and awakening to my gifts has been a truly wonderful experience thanks to Josie’s guidance, support and teachings. I am deeply grateful to have her as my mentor on this beautiful journey. With love and gratitude.”


Womb Wisdom

As a womb carrier, I specialize in assisting women on their path through mind, heart and spirit to access their true capacity to co-create a life of joy and wonder. Where you can access your wisdom and nurture your gifts. Gifts that will first heal you, allow you to grow into more of you, where then you can begin to offer your sacred key to others.

Together we gather

The journey is an individual one, for each of us carry unique aspects of self to traverse through, be it where you were born, what family you were born into, what values and beliefs were ingrained into your body and mind. There is much to move through and learn from, to make peace with. The more that I have journeyed within, all aspects of my being, the choices my spirit and soul made to be in this body now have made sense and shared so much deep wisdom. I bring to you the steadfast commitment to my path with spirit, to share medicine when needed, guidance when requested, and support all ways. To move within all aspects of self, spirit, one and all.

“Being mentored by Josie has been such a beautiful journey of getting to know and accept ALL parts of self especially the parts that we’ve been conditioned to hide away in shame. It’s been about learning to create boundaries and then learning how to let them morph and flow as you morph and flow. With Josie’s guidance, I’ve begun to honour my own natural cycles instead of forcing myself to push through. She’s helped me access my connection to my Spirit team, Source Creator, my Ancestors, my Divine self and my gifts. 

My one-on-one sessions with Josie have allowed me to feel truly seen, heard, and accepted for who I am and where I am in my journey Now. Josie has gently guided me to look at past traumas with a different lens and an open heart so that I can heal that which is ready to be healed, and acknowledge and honour what isn’t yet quite ready. This mentorship with Josie has been such a gift and has truly made a profound difference in my life. “

DEBBIE D.M., Canada

Whole Woman Journey

The Commitment

The journey is for 13 moon cycles. We meet biweekly, with every season some additional weeks off to integrate as needed. So, a total of 22 sessions together. Sessions tend to be between 2.5-3.5 hours. There is also text & voice support between. This can be divided into 3 smaller journeys to honour your capacity and commitment, if you need more space between some aspects of the journey. Here is some of what spirit guides us to explore together.

Connecting to Spirit

This is where we face the fears within about accessing the energy that is you and spirit. This part of the journey includes energy clearings, safer journeys with spirit (ancestors & guides) together, for you to have support as you begin to explore all that is you in relations. I will share protocol with spirit connection, and help foster boundaries that assist you in accessing only what may further your journey true. To learn how to differentiate spiritual guidance from tricksters.

Death & Rebirth

This is deep womb work, where we move through the pain & suffering carried within from generations and lifetimes. We address the major wounds carried, such as worthiness to be on this path. We will work with your ancestors, the medicine women that are within your blood, Earth Mother and the original shamans and healers. This is deep transmutation of wounds, which will foster the necessary trust & surrender required to move further into accessing your compassion & wisdom.

The Tests

These are the trials that will surface within your life as we journey together, which are most definitely all a part of what is. The support outside of our time together is here. So you can share of what moves through your work life, home life, and in relations with others. We will explore more on boundaries, protection, speaking your truth, and honouring the clearing of people and circumstances that may not truly support you. There is deep practice here in beginning to bring some of what you are experiencing within into your external life.

The divine feminine & masculine

Fostering greater relations with Mother & the masculine. This may bring up healing and growth with parents, past or present partners. We will journey with the divine feminine first, and once ready, into the divine masculine. They will share their love, support, protection and medicine with you for you to move further into your sacred union.

Transcendence & Union

This is where we access deep union, allness, oneness and the divine. Where you then learn to foster the magick from within. We also may experience the Void, the true loving darkness, and Source. This portion of the journey carries a deep unfolding of the heart, receiving your gifts, and moving into your truth and acceptance of all that you are. 

Grounding Home

Time to come home. To bring space and practices to ground you, to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life! To expand your vision of how you can be in peace and contentment within your life. This is an incredibly important aspect of the journey. It’s foundations are built along the journey, and there will be a time when it’s what is most needed now.

Your Key

As you journey, you access the wisdom you carry. By this point, your gifts will be nourished, cultivated and grown to first support you, and then to see how to bring this wisdom further into service and sharing your gifts gathered with others.

“My sessions with Josie have been abundantly healing and transforming. She creates a really sacred safe space where I always feel comfortable and accepted sharing with her. Her guidance and healing tools have been a tremendous help along my journey, always knowing just what my spirit needs. Josie has helped me take back my own power, always reminded me that I am my own healer and provided an immense amount of support, tools and genuine care along the way. If it weren’t for our sessions together I truly don’t know where I would be – and for that I am eternally grateful!”

NOOR M., Bahrain

The Investment

This investment shares you moving through a deep spiritual journey that will transform your life! It states a commitment to your path, your truth and wisdom. You choose to invest in a more easeful path, for with the support, guidance and medicine shared by Josie, you will learn to ride the waves, move through your own rhythms and cycles with grace. You will have someone to share of this extraordinary experience with, that accepts all of you, welcomes all of you, with no judgements.

CurrentC is a current of energy that is shared in reciprocity. It initiates the commencement of our journey together. It brings double yes! to welcome in Source energy, Earth Mother & the spirits for the greater good of All that will assist us on the road ahead. Offerings are made in honouring truth, integrity and love. 

Full journey $7333 CAD/$5868 USD

4 seasonal payments of $1888 CAD/$1510 USD

Payment plans are available

Certain portions of the full spirit journey may be accessible
on their own. If you wish for support with only a part of the journey, just
email Josie and share what you are seeking. We can book an initial
complimentary chat, where we can then connect with spirit, mind & heart and
share what comes in consent, as well as then the investment in that part of
your journey. 

Have you already worked for some time with me?

Take a peek at the power journeys, they may be just what your heart is asking for.

Uncertain if you are ready for a spirit journey?

Look through the energy medicine services offered on their own, and see what you feel ready to explore.

Want to learn more of Josie’s journey that brought her to share this now?


Connect for More. Gifts, presence, heart.

The Power Journeys

Our power is in our choice. Our power is in self, love, and service. Energy medicine, guidance and support are shared throughout the spirit journey.

We meet online biweekly for sessions, which tend to be between 2.5-3.5 hours. There is also text & voice support between.

Power of Self

Do you feel like you are a victim of fate? Are you ready to commence the journey to connect to your personal power? To build greater awareness of your whole being? You are a co-creator of your destiny. Tap into the energy of your whole self to grow greater confidence and capacity to make powerful choices that can change your life.

In this 2-month journey, you will understand all the hype of being a sovereign being. You will begin to take greater responsibility and accountability for your life. We will connect to your spirit, soul and body. You will enhance profound trust in your heart and intuition.  We will move through 4 in-depth sessions to know you are safe, protected, and most capable of change. Invest and commit in your self, become the change you wish to see in the world.

$1333 CAD/$1066 USD, payment plans are available

Power of Love

Are you ready for magickal, deeply fulfilling and supportive love? Are you done with sifting through relationships that do not honour your growth and needs? Do you not even really know what your pleasure needs are? Do you crave adventure, support and intimacy?

In this 3-month journey, we will deep dive into all that is most intimate. To clear your body from past hurts and patterns in relationships. To awaken pleasure and true intimacy within you, as we clear your voice, heart, mind and womb, so you can easefully share with another all that you desire. Connect to the power of love within this 3-month journey, so you can open to intimate relationships within your life!

$1999 CAD/$1599 USD, payment plans are available

Power of Service

Are you stuck in figuring out how to share your gifts? Are you uncertain what they really are? Is there still comparison, competition and expert patriarchal capitalist programs running through your mind? Are you ready to not only unlock the divine gifts you carry, but to nourish their growth so they can assist you as well as others? Do you sense the willingness to offer your true gifts in service to the world?

This journey will unstick your being from the perceived limitations to growing your soul’s work. We will face with compassion the deep wounds of the healer, of self-worth, scarcity, and more. We will access with spirit and soul your true gifts and tap into learning from your ascended teachers and guides how to cultivate these unique offerings. This is deep training with all that you carry within. Then, to look at all the old ways of business, and to move with integrity and love into a new way – your way – of sharing these services with others that supports you and others in abundant reciprocity. We will co-create with the elements visions of you receiving ‘more than’ (spirit wants you to thrive!), so that you can then have greater opportunity to help others and the world.

No need for another certification in something that is ‘kind of like’ what you want to offer. We will tap into you, your soul’s work, and foster your connection to the greatest teachings found within. This 4-month journey is for those who are ready, without a doubt, to discover why you have intuitively gathered all the skills and tools you hold today. So that you can now put the pieces together, of what has been collected over lifetimes, to share with others what gives you great joy, peace and soul fulfillment.

$2666 CAD/$2133 USD, payment plans are available

“Josie Houpt is a true teacher and healer. She meets you wherever you are and can help you to understand and access energy in a way that is relevant to you. She is also a pure channel for teachings and healings. In this way, working with Josie feels completely organic and comfortable; like having tea with an old friend, with the bonus of entering into a world that allows you to shed all that which no longer serves you as you move into your own light, at a pace that is just for you. You have a partner in healing with Josie.

I am so grateful for having known and worked with Josie over the last 2 decades. I can attest wholeheartedly to her integrity and pureness of heart.” 

– SABRINA P., Canada

All journeys

with JOSIE

give you free access to

~ community support

~ practice in speaking your truth

~ monthly group meetups to share more of you

I’ve worked with Josie for the past four months and already feel an immense awareness and change within all my bodies. Not only did she help me understand myself and energy but also how to protect and nurture it. I look forward to our sacred sessions and always feels supported and heard (she’s a great listener).”