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my Work, my walk, my services &/ my pillars

Moving from a place of “servitude” to being in service WITH, has been an immensely healing AND expansive journey of self growth. I had to journey through unlearning many prior teachings, plus allowing myself slowly to feel the anger, grief, and more from all that bound me into old shackles of yesteryear. I learned to forgive, as I opened to our human power in breath capacity, to move these repressed energies through me, learning to share more of me with earth, air, and more. 

You see, I was taught from a white supremacist, hierarchical, and capitalist education system, plus an intermingled mix of religious doctrines, that shared with me that a teacher, or a healer, was to either be an authoratative figure (‘I know more than You’), or to be in submissive servitude (‘I have gifts that helped me, so I now must help others, no matter what the cost to me’). 

I am in service with You, and MORE. I honour I, You, and We. I acknowledge Whom we walk with (the ancestors &/ most ancient ones, yes?) I have the right to choo-choose with WHOM I mediate connections WITH, and when. 

I can allow myself to shareTHAT anything gifted or given FROM ME, is inclusive of WHAT YOURS WISH & WHAT YOU WILL 2 eXplore WITHIN.  Both And, si?  When you walk with me, &/or work wth me, you are consenting to your own responsibilities, and are sharing that you are most capable in your accountability. 

The SHADOWs of Love & Life ARE THEN READY TO BE MOVED THRU with grace, in grattude, for what they may share with US.

Gift yourself SPACE & TIME, so we can digest and process what will transpire between connections. Give yourself the capacity to support your renascent remembrance of YOU.

This is my work, my walk, my services, and my pillars. I welcome you IN, loves. TRUST your intuitive capacity and body sensations. Check where you feel butterflies, what tugs you (or tows you), and what do you skip. EnJoy the read of my services below.

my services

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Energy Clearing Consultation

House & Body energy work is offered in Meaford, Ontario, Canada and the surrounding areas. These services are on the colonized lands of the Anishinabewaki, Odawa, Wendake-Nionwentsïo, Petun, and Mississauga First Nations. This service is to support your body energy-work to expand into your home care, and community connections. This supports further growth and healing within and around you.

This energy work requires initial email inquiry, including the following: Prior to a house clearing, a recent photo of the home is required. Prior to a body clearing, a recent photo of your face, with your full name, is required. Upon my consent, we then can schedule a phone call (voice/video conversation via What’s App), where I will ask some additional questions, and assess what is being asked for. 

A quotation for my services will then be shared, and may include, depending on situations, me to include an additional energy medicine practitioner for the work assessed. Quotation is confirmed with 50% payment made to schedule the date and start time. Preparation instructions will be proffered. The 50% remaining must be made the day of the work, upon entrance, prior to commencement. 

Body energy work is shared online for international connections, via zoom. House clearing & protection consultations are available to those outside of my in-person service area. Tools will be shared for you to maintain clearing & protection of your own home, body, &/being. For online services, full payment is required to confirm the booking.



GuidanXe with TAROT

Work with the Major Arcana FIRST. Then, IF capable, we will go forwards towards MORE.

Oracle sessions are asked to be done in sacred space – this may mean online, in your own room, with candle; so, when we connect, we can co-create protected circle with our counsels. This supports a calming space to receive clear messages to further explore together. You have the options to connect for Oracle sessions to either honour your moon rhythms of self-growth/healing and your solar cycles of community-impact/care (the efforts, or fruits of your self-work).

All spirit sessions are recorded, with options given for video &/or audio. These Spirit messages may continue to be explored and understood over time, they encourage relistening! Preparations for guidance sessions include time & space for self-care, meditation, and rest.

Renascent Remembrance Consult

you are most capable of remembering ALL OF YOU, but it may require some response~ability and accountability with what may arise within.

Review Session

Energy MEDicine for those ready to explore what it is to receive assistance from all within and without ~ to receive online in the comfort of your own home and room, from ancestors ancients and more Source divine & defined energy 2 support to move through what you are seeking assistance with

Seasonal Cycle Guidanxe

Look at the next 3 months, gift yourself vision on how to ride the waves ahead with greater ease. Discover some ways to flow with the season cycle, and the moon rhythms found within. You will receive a private video link, or audio recording to download for review. Messages will unfold as you relisten each month. Support your bloom this next season.

my pillars

josie is in the water with trees behind her and is listening with one ear to the water

Breath & Meditation

Some of the biggest limits in our movements and choices, amidst all of the flux and flows, can come from within our own mind. Our mind at times can bind our body from it’s most powerful capacity, to process with our Breath, through our Body. 

Meditation is an incredibly supportive practice that allows us to work in experiencing and witnessing our energy being, learning to work with our breath and consciousness, to support our walk and our works. With practice, it can assist you in moving beyond our mind’s perceived ‘limited functionings’, in order to shift, or open perspective.  

It may help you breathe deeper, listen more, and be able to soften the edges of your sights triggered from past hurts and harms. It can allow a greater compassion to grow, just like the lotus that sits in the pool, and is rooted in the muck. 

Breath and Meditation are not to push us out of our body, into a non-relational space of ‘I am Better than You, or Them’. They actually support us in harmonizing betwixt differences and discovering the beauty in our unique creational expressions.

My Spirit counsel and I share meditations to move beyond the fluctuations that have caught our attention, to honour our capacity to regulate our energy beings, and to support body, earth, and spirit connections. Meditations are added as guided, to further connect our cycles and rhythms in harmony with our Body, Earth, Moon, Sun, stars, planets, and more. Some meditations may not be shared publicly, which does not mean that they are not-accessible to you. They simply require further circle support and protection. We can experience them together, be it solo, or in group.

Enjoy the meditations available Freely to All, below on my Youtube Channel:

josie in forest working with energy


Many of us weren’t taught as children, or even as adults, of our energy; it’s movements and capabilities, as well as how to interact without unnecessary harm to others. Some of us were even taught to NOT listen to our intuition, that it was scary, or the work of evil. Hence, many possibly confusing years (decades??) of not-trusting, or no-faith in your gifted intuition,  or your energy body’s capacity to move energies in to out, out to in, through, and more.

Energy consumption and conservation practices are not just for the energy we light our homes with! They extend into our energetic bodies, where we carry the knowing of how to chew on things, or spit things out. We also can digest and expel energy. We are capable to move with our own unique ‘optimal energetic functionings & flows’, amidst the chaos and flux that comes in co-existence and co-creation.

Since this is missing in our education systems, I have consented to share some open energy teach~sings to support you in getting to know me & whom i walk&work with, your true energy capacity, as well as some practices & processes to support your home~work. You can reference these videos on my YouTube channel, for your own personal study, as well as more privately within mentoring journeys. Oracle guidanxe is timeless (out of time) and can support you in your remembrance of your original gifts as a Human Beingx.

I continue to mentor privately (Online &/ in -person depending on my current location) those in their energy studies & practice. I believe we are all apprentices (have something to learn from those who have walked before), as well as we are all teachers (having something uniquely special to share with more of us). At times, I may share programs to support these teach-sings.

So play with the Guidanxe playlist, connect to your spirit, and enjoy what numbers or messages they flow you towards 🙂


Service protocols & boundaries

tree with branches roots and trunk with light peeping through the leaves

Please know that Spirit does not bypass, people please, or bend over backwards to late-stage capitalism, supremacist consciousness, &/or any other cis~stem co-created by people desiring to maintain power-over-others.

So in that, please note, all Soul work here requires consent 2x and honours FREE WILL. You have the agency to change, shift, heal, and grow. This work is never pressured. Any urgency or intensity felt in needing guidance can be first assisted by grounding, caring, and loving self needs or boundaries. 

Gift yourself some time to care and nurture self, LOVE YOU. Trust that you can prepare for sessions by grounding and accessing center, caring for your internal well-being, and allowing space & time for rest.

accountable spaces

receive support

axess wisdom

open 2 Us


josie looks at light as she crouches on earth
  • All bookings are confirmed and scheduled once full payment is received. If you use the payment links here, you will then be contacted via email.
  • If you are Black, Indigenous, Trans, or those marginalized from accessing monetary power in this current societal flux, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ASK.  ((i am an original anarchist)) (((BUT – you need to reach out with what you propose, and then my counsel and i will share what we can proffer. 🙂
  • i will share the dates and days Spirit wishes for us 2 connect together. You then may choose which one 2 confirm, but trust you can reschedule.
  • Any booking scheduled can be rescheduled, by either me or you. Soul work requires our embodied capacity for Presence, and we can honour the Times when we both need Space for either rest, or play.
  • Energy medicine is subtle, and commences with your body/ mind&/heart with Spirit, once you consent to it, 2x. First action of consent is either 1) payment for a service listed Here, or 2) email to proffer your requests. Second consent comes with confirmation of the date and time we are willing to connect on. Trust that may shift as we move into the shadows. Butterflies, and flips and dips within may come with consensual connections. Listen and observe what surfaces in both preparation and integration times, and Please Trust that we can be in communications during the process.
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“I’ve experienced so much growth working and studying with Josie. Yes, she brings years of experience and knowledge through yoga, meditation, energy work and intuitive connection. But what has allowed for such transformation for me is being in the space she holds, the circle where we explore and grow our personal empowerment and create unconditional support for all in community. Working with Josie has been part of my personal practice for several years and more to come.”
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Full 1
“Being mentored by Josie has been such a beautiful journey of getting to know and accept ALL parts of self especially the parts that we’ve been conditioned to hide away in shame. It’s been about learning to create boundaries and then learning how to let them morph and flow as you morph and flow. With Josie’s guidance, I’ve begun to honour my own natural cycles instead of forcing myself to push through. She’s helped me access my connection to my Spirit team, Source Creator, my Ancestors, my Divine self and my gifts.
My one-on-one sessions with Josie have allowed me to feel truly seen, heard, and accepted for who I am and where I am in my journey Now. Josie has gently guided me to look at past traumas with a different lens and an open heart so that I can heal that which is ready to be healed, and acknowledge and honour what isn’t yet quite ready. This mentorship with Josie has been such a gift and has truly made a profound difference in my life.”
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riquel corder
“Working with you in Circle has been that gentle, soft, yet STRONG place to land. To ground. Working with you in Circle, even through YouTube and your Oracle Live readings, your New and Full Moon readings, have been the safe places that I’ve always wanted.

That space where I feel seen, understood, respected, and loved. I am so grateful for your presence here on Earth at this time, coincidentally coinciding with mine.”
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Full 1
“Josie is a wonderful guide through self. They are very thoughtful and aware of themselves and the power of their words and space. There is so much knowledge she has to offer and it was a real pleasure to discover and connect. I have deeply grown from the time knowing Josie and the spaces she has created, and feel so much more joy and inner peace in my life.”
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Full 1
“My sessions with Josie have been abundantly healing and transforming. She creates a really sacred safe space where I always feel comfortable and accepted sharing with her. Her guidance and healing tools have been a tremendous help along my journey, always knowing just what my spirit needs. Josie has helped me take back my own power, always reminded me that I am my own healer and provided an immense amount of support, tools and genuine care along the way. If it weren’t for our sessions together I truly don’t know where I would be – and for that I am eternally grateful!”
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Full 1
shooq a.
“Josie came into my life when I really needed to get the work done. I was trying to get through a hard time that seemed to have no end, it all seemed to be impossible and no matter what I did I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere, things were on repeat, that made me feel so hopeless.

We started with one thing and kept at it until I felt like we worked through it all together. Her work is much more than energy healing or meditation to reach a point or place, with her there was empowerment, honest and truly in-depth discussions, exercises, tools and life skills. I love that working with her was holistic, she is generous with her time and energy, she is caring and her wisdom infectious, more so she is so open, humble, compassionate and loving in her work. I felt like I could trust her more and more with time. Things discussed manifested to say the least.

My life has seen massive shifts, and that’s thanks to the work we did together. All the work I did before also had a limitation of energy or outer space that I had no control of, she’s able to access that which sometimes is the missing link in wanting to do the work and actually getting it done.”
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jaime verk
“Josie is a kind, compassionate and powerful healer. She possesses a deep respect for the teachings that she shares very generously. It has been such a pleasure to learn from her. She pushes you to expand your mind and develop your gifts feeling fully held and supported along the journey. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from such a grounded teacher. The tools I have developed through her guidance have allowed me to feel more confident and able as an intuitive energy healer. Josie you are so loved and respected. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to open to the world of energy medicine and spiritual guidance.”
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pamela p.
“Life is such a truly remarkable thing, Josie and I met 15 years ago through a marriage. Little did I know that she would become such a catallistic part of the healing that would take place while on my journey. I don’t think I’ve ever personally known anyone that is driven by such passion or for such a unique goal as to actively create a safe and healing community.

I am deeply grateful for the time that I’ve been blessed to spend under Josie’s healing wing. She has relieved my troubled heart and mind in such a resounding way on numerous occasions. Josie is a gracious and knowledgeable teacher and true healer. I’m amazed at her knowledge and gift to relay information about energy so that anyone can understand it and access it. Her divine energy healing and teaching has lifted me to the secure and focused place that I find myself in now.”
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“Working with Josie has been a beautiful experience. I came into this relationship with very little experience in energy work. I found Josie to be extremely knowledgeable and put me right at ease. Every encounter has brought me deeper into my energetic journey. I have also gifted her services to others who have fallen in love with Josie’s work as well. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity you are ready for.”
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“I recently completed my Reiki training with Josie H and I have two words: "Life Transforming". I have experienced a deeper connection to self and healing in a loving, safe and nurturing environment. This has given me the tools to continue to self heal and to transfer that healing to others. This has truly been a blessing.”
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“'I've worked with Josie for the past four months and already feel an immense awareness and change within all my bodies. Not only did she help me understand myself and energy, but also how to protect and nurture it. I look forward to our sacred sessions and alway feel supported and heard (she's a great listener).”
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“I’ve worked with and have been healed by Josie for over 12 years. Through distance and time she has remained absolutely her: the most authentic being I’ve encountered through many years of the yoga & psychiatric spaces wherein a true human is hard to come by. Josie has not only educated me physically but has helped me emotionally through some of the most trying moments of my life, each time turning up with a smile. There is no one I could recommend more if you’re in need of a teacher / friend / mediator. It’s almost impossible to write about her because words do not do her justice.”
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