Josie kneels in forest with light streaming down on her

(i) AM Josie amoni H, channel of Spirit (body/earth&) of Ancients Divine & (un)defined, a travel guide for explorations with Spirit!

*Oh, and this is an accountable space (click there to read more) 


offerings ON Line

Warm greetings to you and yours! May you breathe deeply into all that your incredible form and body stores. May we continue to Go 4wards 2wards our inter-connections between Bodies, Worlds, and More.

There are many worlds interconnected that are both seen and unseen. Worlds of Body, Earth, and Spirit. Dimensions & layers of consciousness that our magnificent Bodies (&souls&) have been graced with the keys and tools to explore.

The wisdom carried in Ancestor, Angel, Ancient, and All that You Are.

Josie amoni H has agreed at this time in their life to facilitate this most Sacred work with Spirit, defined & Divine. They have worked for multiple cycles and times through their own disconnections and denials of inter-relations with Spirit &. They continue to honour their Body’s current capacity, while tending and mending their relations with Body, Earth, And more.

This is a Space for We. Where we can explore the inter-relativity that exists within Presence in the Here and Now. Josie is not a “teacher” or “healer”, but they have healed and learned with Spirit for over 20 years. Their path has expressed itself as a transponder (responsible consensual channel) and a travel guide and a medium (mediator) between spaces in & with spirit/body/earth, to support more wisdom remembered within body, earth, and more..

At this time in lines, we have the capacity to be ON. To Move with Commitment to Care, Harmony, and Joyous Liberation (loveration) that then can ripple through spaces and places between us; our tending and mending that we grace to our Body and Earth, to be interwoven in all that’s Akashic – of Space.

Consent All Ways. Your birthright is your Will.
You can say Yes, Not Now, or No.

did you say free?

At this first Ring all of(fe)rings are Free. Free means, in loving reciprocity, these carry of equal value for both-of-us. That is why there is no need for further currentC between us.

Yep, this work is about liberation from capitalist transactional biz-ness, and moving into realizing that our working relations are communal ground to contribute, collaborate and progress in relations with more. So – there is and will always be FREE offerings. Ones, where you can most dabble and explore. Some at times, will be recommended in preparations or integrations of things. Some may be simply experiences too. Of presence and process and patience while we grow in connections with.

All free offerings are recorded. You can mute &/ turn off your video for methods of privacy and to not be recorded in the replay. Weekly recordings are shared for audio download. There is also free library of supportive materials on Josie’s Youtube channel.   May you receive these offerings, may we Be in(JOI)

*I am able to reschedule/cancel if needed to honour my body/earth/spirit rhythms, or ask for space/time not here(with) us. This does NOT mean that I do not commit 2 Here & Now or You.  I ALSO ask that you do the same (honouring your body/earth/spirit rhythms or ask for space/time not here(with) us) if you are comfortable 2 *


josie meditates on forest floor

T with SPiriT - Podcast

Josie amoni H has been a transponder & channel of Spirit for over 20 years. Their ancestral lines have shared much guidance on how to traverse the unseen worlds and connections we, as humans, are most capable of. Enjoy some T with Spirit, where in every episode, Josie channels with their spirit counsel and ancients, who wish to share messages in a thread through episodes to be explored as you wish. Messages are shared in sound, words, and an interweaving between things to support further connections of you and yours. Allow yourself to sip your brew and enjoy this Loving from those that support us all ways.

Direct channelings are transmissions of energy and word and sound that are recommended NOT to listen to while driving, or operating heavy machinery. Please allow yourself when energy practices are shared, or channeling begins, to pause and wait until you have space to ground and Be.

josie pushes up from the ground

Sundays 10:30am ET - grounding t-with-spirit

grounding is healing roots/connections 2 body, ancestors, ancients & earth in a harmonious way 4 all

grounding can be supported in understanding time & space while cultivating further awareness of you in the Here and Now

clearing & protection practices of the home & body are incredible external stabilizers (pillars of support) for the HEALING that occurs with (grounding)

josie will be live weekly on Sundays, to support conversation on energetic practices most elemental that can support you in furthering your remembering, reconnecting, and reclaiming what was once forgotten or lost within. Spirit may share experiences and messages.


Blog (stories of being)

of ancestral memories retrieved ~ tree, ancients, lifetimes, etc. with teachings/wisdom retrieved shared... (where my ancestors, ancients get to share their experiences and voices) * may also gift affirmations or openings to memories stored within you *

ring 2

double si! Let’s go! There’s already a ring of consent in 1, then we go in to another ring and say ok, let’s bring attention to this more specific thing 2 gether please… be it solo or group meeting grounds. These offerings ask for currentC to support Josie in holding space to gather, and supporting the facilitation and protection of processing with.

josie holds hands and smiles in forest

group 144, monthly meets on Sundays at 10:30am ET -

We are connected, yes? Are you ready to explore those connections in conversation? Where we can explore our magick, our gifts, and missions here, together? Join us, let us gather together, seated in circle, honouring the sacred, ancient symbols shared to Body & Earth with Spirit And (more).

A monthly circle facilitated by Josie (on the Sunday around the full moon, or equinox/solstice), with 2-ish hours to gather. Consenting to cast circle and support process & presence in protected and accountable space. Are you nudged to take your seat?

(not recorded) ($22 CAD)

this is a live circle where we make mmagic & mmmore...
(it is not recorded unless there are spirit transmissions which are then shared in audio recording after to all who attended)

All practices are live via a private zoom link online.

  • When entering Zoom, you can include your name, and if you so choose, your pronouns. If you do not share pronouns, I will simply refer to you as your name. (you and your privacy are honoured)
  • Please share your face/voice on camera at the beginning, which helps with energy protection and connection for circle. After this, you are welcome to turn your video off when needed, and to mute yourself. You can share comments privately to Josie or to the whole group in chat. 
  • Classes will begin within 6 minutes or less, dependent if all who have registered have arrived. After that time, access may be limited to replay.

solo work with spirit & josie

((these ones are bookable online))

Clear Ask ~$66

When you have a direct question formed to ask to spirit, or Josie. This session is pertaining to only one clear ask. The response will be shared in sound recording for your download and review. This is also a way to meet with Josie and consult about their private journeys.

(44mins together live & recorded)

T with Spirit ~$177

When you are seeking guidance from Spirit ((an all encompassing term to share what you perceive is other – not you, but there to support)). Spirit shares messages through direct channeling (transponding/energy transmissions) with Josie directly, through Tarot, and you. All is recorded for you to review and replay.

(1.5 hrs together live & recorded)

reiki healing session ~$144

for those ready to explore what it is to receive assistance from all within and without ~ to receive online in the comfort of your own home and room, from ancestors ancients and more Source divine & defined energy support to move through what you are seeking assistance with 

(not recorded, live energy experience. you can rest and breathe while receiving)


all other work with spirit (ancestral akashix travels, ancestral, ancients & divine mediation, ancetral healing ceremonies, etc.) are to be confirmed in connections with me from a Clear Ask booking with Spirit. all are welcome to connect and ask of this most sacred work with.


ring 3


The 3rd ring of Privado work with me is reserved for longer Quest(ion)s, journeys & (reiki) trainings with SPirit (ancestors, ancients, angels, divine) & more (mutual commitments & agreements) most supported in space over time inter-dimensionally. They are practice grounds for further integrations of energetic gifts and crafts, whilst a deep dedication to being responsible, accountable, and ready for the truth of being witness to the I, YOU and WE.

This means, discovering how the quests you consent to begin, then interweave and disperse themselves through body and more of you, so there are individual practices most definite that will come through for you from within to support your remembrance and retrieval of all that’s in store (in u).

(private, personal, in-dividual) medicine sessions&/ loving spirit journeys withwhatwishedWhen . 

What is shareD (in this ring) (are to be explored) (via direct communications) . tHEY are NOt bookable online, and progress only from direct asks from yoU, and/or communications shared with Me from Spirit with i/you(Body/Earth)are)/We). 

This inter~ (relation(al) -dimension(al) Work honours 1-Personal Agency, 2-Consensual Agreements, and 3-the REsponSIbility of the OUR actions/inactions) in preparations, in session(s), and integration(s).

josie is wading in the water as she looks to the left with trees behind her

“Josie is a wonderful guide through self. They are very thoughtful and aware of themselves and the power of their words and space. There is so much knowledge she has to offer and it was a real pleasure to discover and connect.  I have deeply grown from the time knowing Josie and the spaces she has created, and feel so much more joy and inner peace in my life.”


josie-embraces sky-while-in-water-arms-raised

I, Josie amonii H

as facilitator &/ protektur,

 ( Fa-sCi-Lit-Aa(t)&-or ) (consenting to care for the maintenance of C…

(pro-tekt-ur (my duty as space presenter is to protect 


the energy ofF What’s IN…

the  (( S pace BEtweEN )) 2 +++ 

AND (&) (Re)View(W)

(i promise to facilitate & protect space 4wards towards)

the best of my Current Capacity, (Cap)ability &  I N    X (time/space&m(or)e inter-connections)

so i parley/r for us 2 consent 2 process & practice withIN PRESENCE ~ what we can 0 Breathe _ground & C(enter), to Anchor 2 explore… M(OR)E *

((While honouring PACE  (with)  PATIENCE~*))

“Life is such a truly remarkable thing, Josie and I met 15 years ago through a marriage.  Little did I know that she would become such a catallistic part of the healing that would take place while on my journey. I don’t think I’ve ever personally known anyone that is driven by such passion or for such a unique goal as to actively create a safe and healing community.

I am deeply grateful for the time that I’ve been blessed to spend under Josie’s healing wing.  She has relieved my troubled heart and mind in such a resounding way on numerous occasions.  Josie is a gracious and knowledgeable teacher and true healer. I’m amazed at her knowledge and gift to relay information about energy so that anyone can understand it and access it. Her divine energy healing and teaching has lifted me to the secure and focused place that I find myself in now.”

PAMELA P., Canada


join us!

share consent by registering today

Book group & private sessions here.

upon reservation you will receive the zoom link & agreements

power of WE

receive support

access your keys

oPEN in Love in Center

I’ve experienced so much growth working and studying with Josie. Yes, she brings years of experience and knowledge through yoga, meditation, energy work and intuitive connection. But what has allowed for such transformation for me is being in the space she holds, the circle where we explore and grow our personal empowerment and create unconditional support for all in community. Working with Josie has been part of my personal practice for several years and more to come.

– JODY L., Canada


Consent 2 cast circle 2ge/ather

practice supporting the I, You, We
with(in) protected space

Come as you are; honour your energy, current capacity, and all you need for comfort. 

you are welcome to share your asks with the circle

Sit. Breathe, hydrate. Ground (Connect). Sound.

Welcome self, spirit, soul. And that’s only 3 s’s.

Welcome times infinity,
and open to ...

To gether (weavers). We gather (we).

We cast the circle. We create the container. We then sense in consent –

Locate Center… Breathe… Ground.

Open to center ~ explore ~ we can mmake magick.. 

Sharing of Spirit, Element(all)s,
Stars, Earth, Trees,
Body and all the helpers
Ancestors, ancients, more..

Then Close until next month/moon cycle

the details

We meet up 1x monthly, around the full moon, or equinox/solstice. This group is ongoing. Circle is cast and closed each time we meet.

  • Circle is held on Sundays at 10:30am EST
  • Duration can flow between 2-2.5 hours 
  • We welcome new ones always, then share the boundaries of the circle for consent and then continue
  • Conversation encourages listening, feeling, sounding and receiving. You will never be pressured to sound(speak), you can always choose to listen. 
  • We can move into agreement(alignment) at pace(s) that honour all.
  • Presence asks for 5(+) sensory experience of what is now. Honour how much you are capable of, and take space or share closing early if needed.

All(of) You

are welcome here

Working with you in Circle has been that gentle, soft, yet STRONG place to land. To ground.  Working with you in Circle, even through YouTube and your Oracle Live readings, your New and Full Moon readings, have been the safe places that I’ve always wanted.

That space where I feel seen, understood, respected, and loved. I am so grateful for your presence here on Earth at this time, coincidentally coinciding with mine.”



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