oracle guidance sessions

enjoy messages from ancestors & spirit guides with Josie

  • gain clarity on queries
  • receive guidance to move through limitations
  • see beyond current situations

Josie works as a channel & medium to connect to ancestors, star beings, angels, and guides to share messages to guide you through this current cycle. She has been working as a seer internationally for well over 15 years.

clarity for you or a friend

Oracle sessions can be purchased here, and upon payment received you will be sent an email to share when are times and dates that work best for our booking. You can also gift them! Just share in response to the email after purchase the full name of whom you wish to share a gift certificate and it will be sent to you to gift to another.

“I was connected with Josie 5 months after my nervous breakdown. I took a leave of absence from my corporate job to prioritize my healing. I sought help through traditional channels such as psychotherapy and medication which was a slow and depressing process. I needed a deeper kind of healing.  My session with Josie was like psychotherapy for the spirit. Josie’s oracle medicine stayed with me for 3 months following our first session and the symbolisms and connections built momentum over time. My journey towards wholeness and hopefulness took a giant leap forward following my time with Josie. I felt both euphoric and grounded in her presence. I believe this kind of work to be necessary and invaluable… I consider these sessions to be an investment in self growth. Any individual lucky enough to cross paths with Josie will be elevated to a new way of being.”

LILAH T., Canada

josie gazes directly at you lying on the ground

Preparation for oracle

To prepare for your oracle session, you can practice this meditation to open your heart and ready your energy body.

Write down your questions clearly, and share with your body that you are prepared to receive what can assist you through this cycle.

Integrating the messages received

During the session, you can write down what resonates, then allow some days for you to integrate the messages received. Once you feel grounded and ready, listen to the audio recording of the guidance session again, and add to your notes.

Know that some messages may be understood as you journey through the next moon cycles. Trust when you get a nudge to listen again, or review your notes. Some have listened 2-3 months later, and even found more understanding with some of the guidance shared. 

“Working with Josie has been a beautiful experience. I came into this relationship with very little experience in energy work. I found Josie to be extremely knowledgeable and put me right at ease. Every encounter has brought me deeper into my energetic journey. I have also gifted her services to others who have fallen in love with Josie’s work as well. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity you are ready for.”

KRISTA C., Canada

Book your oracle session here

direct query

$66 CAD

33 – 44 mins

When you have one direct question to ask spirit, and feel ready for a clear answer.

oracle vision

$111 CAD

1 hr-15mins

When you don’t have the questions, but need some help from spirit to share more vision.

in depth oracle

$166 CAD

2 hrs session

Bring multiple queries to your guides & ancestors to receive greater understanding.

“Josie has a loving spirit that helps you feel taken care of and peaceful. Through our session together I was able to clarify how I could move forward in my career to best serve my students & to fuel my passion for teaching. I am forever grateful to her for her gentle guidance and am certain that I would not have the successful career that I presently enjoy if it wasn’t for her guidance. Thank you Josie!”

DIANA M., Canada