Sadie “Spins” Yancey, Canada

“Josie is my favourite yoga teacher! Josie’s humor, smile, guidance, and grace are calming through challenging postures and her visualizations have helped me connect with my body in a new way, now understanding how muscle groups work together.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, I enter class feeling weak and leave feeling confident, light, and strong! Josie […]

Hannah Kennett, Bahrain

“I first attended Josie’s class a year ago when I was suffering from a couple of injuries which, frustratingly, no one could seem to explain or help me with.  During my first class with Josie, she immediately noticed that I had also suffered an injury sometime before due to a limited range of motion I […]

Jane Davis, Canada

If you’ve never been to one of Josie’s class, you may walk in and say to yourself “I wonder who the teacher is?”, then you hear her speak. It’s in that moment that you know you have entered into a magical place and you are going to be taken on a wondrous journey. On this […]