Darren Austin Hall

“Josie is one of the most incredible and numinous yoga teachers I have ever had the honour of being a student of. She has this ingenious and seemingly magical ability to integrate profound thematic elements drawn from her own life wisdom into the flow of her classes, imbuing them not only with a powerful transformational element that deepens mind-body connections but also engages one in the rich textures of life itself. Her remarks may at once be funny, adding lightness to a particular difficult pose that can help us transcend adversity and then at once she can be equally demanding upon our true strength within to come out and unfold with the conviction of one who knows that essential strength of the human spirit only too well. Josie is a living example, in fact, of this indomitable spirit, lightness in being and resolute in power. You literally open yourself to being changed for the better by Josie’s classes. Josie also has a beautiful loving nature, very jocose, making all feel part of her extended community of friends. Her radiant maturity and lived wisdom are deeply inspiring. I always look forward to her classes and even arrange my week accordingly. In short, Josie lifts us up where we all belong and I am honoured to know her and be her student.”

– Darren Austin Hall, Sacred Musician, Canada (link to: https://www.darrenaustinhall.com/)