Haldi S

I met Josie through an inner child zoom call they offered and initially loved their grounded maturity and playfulness in the kraft.

Josie helped me Journey through different parts of myself as I felt support in coming to/from my inner sanctuary and through different

Initiation rights with my guidance team and the elements. This process was so empowering for me to learn first hand how to journey, setup sacred space and hone my own intuitive skills with greater ease. I loved the initial embodied check in and dialogue we did pre journeying as it really helped me ask questions and get greater clarity within the process. Josies direct, curious & receptive nature really helped me feel heard and safe to express myself.

A wonderful conversation we had pre journey about discerning and deciphering yearns me to encourage Josie to further embodied practice in their mentoring at times when I felt ungrounded in mental topics and wanted a chance to explore within practices.

My favourite part of the experience was connecting to Ancestral roots that we both shared through light language and feeling deep stirs that I followed to play me like an instrument as i surrendered to the song.

It was a pleasure journeying with them through time, space, consciousness and dimensions. Infinite blessings to the work and the greater collective journey we are all apart of.