Word & Voice

As I acclimate all that transpired within me during the equinox, I was nudged during integration to revisit some of my channelings written. Prior to me furthering what has come through now, I feel it is time to share this message from 2019 in it’s entirety. Please note, channeled messages are received from light and translated through sound and word. They always will ask for further time and space to sit with the energy shared and to chew and digest what is received, in order to allow your further interpretation. If you receive further into the message, feel free to share what you wish in a comment below!

Here is the full channeled message, with addendums to language shared in brackets. Main addendums are around the channeling descriptions of beings that are not us. We, all human beings are of a source energy. This source energy can be thought of as a light spark when lighting a candle. But this may be a whole other post on entities that are not of source, so I digress.


In the beginning, there was word. Word is sound. First languages were spoken before written. Speech is sound. Sound is vibration. You see sound how it works on a speaker with sand? It creates patterns. What we speak is how we create. Creation is our capacity. Our capacity is limitless, for there are no boundaries to creation.

We knew this a long time ago. But some entities desired for them to only have creation capacity. So they tried to destroy us with this memory. The memory of creation. The song of creation, the music that can come from our mouths. Physical form dies only because you believe it to be so. Our human body is actually limitless. The limits it has had for centuries, is because we have birthed them into creation. We have given the belief sound.

But interjecting here – we also gave up our word to someone else. They knew the ability to create all was through sound, so over time, there was a select few [entities that are not of source], that stole the sound of others, heightening their sound to a deafening level of creation. These powers that be did not follow the rules of creation.

The rules are that creation must be aligned with the spirit. We are spirits of light. So light & sound/vibration brings forth things easily without repercussions. Because [entities that are not of source] amplified sound, it boomerang effect around, creating toxicity (like parasite/disease).

We have been bred to fear our voice. The feminine within us. The capacity of our pure sound. Try it. Say something for the highest good that you wish to create out loud. Sing it.

Instead, we sing songs of loss, and lack, and loneliness and instability and uncertainty. Songs and sound is clouded with old diseases spread and that are still in existence because we repeat them into being on the regular.

Yes, thoughts and feelings are important. That’s how it can get you first. The majority of thoughts are not your own. The reason for this, is because the [entities that are not of source] have spoken those words into being, and you have relinquished your power to them.

So why this information now? (1) advancement of language – more abilities to access true creation, (2) earth, air, water, fire is awake. (elements are working with you,) for more people have (3) taken back their power – become sovereign over their thoughts & feelings once more.

God/outside source is not healing you. You have simply aligned in your learning to heal yourself. (more on this later)


This channeling has stuck with me for a long time. Prior to sharing it, I had to process my resistance and fears to the knowing of entities that are not of source. One of my gifts is I can clearly see their parasitic ‘forms’ and where they are attached to human beings when clearing energy fields within. Entities tend to still bring up great fear in many due to many doctrines in religion and cultures of demons, and other things that always are shared to be really really difficult to release. Gosh, the horror film franchise has had made billions off of it. And of course, they live and love our fears.

I also had to practice it. Many of my channelings I take time and practice with them, feeling them and working with them within my personal journey. Some of the things I moved through was understanding why our voice was so feared. How our sound was used in so many ways to harm. How our sound was only validated if it shared of knowledge and proof. Of how so many of us were afraid to say the wrong thing, or not get the right words out in the right order for proper comprehension, so we just stayed silent. There were so many shackles to the simple feminine aspect of sound – opening our mouth – with true intention – the force/direction of sound, which is the masculine aspect.

Our voice is not also just a throat chakra thing. Vocalizing true (capacity of creation) brings up a helluva lotta big bombs of twisted healing journeys. This may bring up shit that’s ancestral, been with you for multiple lifetimes, as well as sifts through all of the oppressive thoughts & emotions we carry within our physical body, mind & soul. The more that I move through the keys and guidance given, and the more that I now share it with others with work, the more I receive how much others as well don’t have people to talk to about their weird. Or, they don’t know how to open the discussion to vocalize their journey with more. So we then, once again, even in the awakening process, as we heal and receive more of our gifts, choose silence.

So this is my first invitation. For a gathering place where we can vocalize our weird. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it’s not worded perfectly. Where we can practice singing our truths and sharing our voices out loud. Where we can practice the song of creation, the music than can come from our mouths. And to witness what co-creating music can amplify – greater comprehension of our personal paths, and the potency of harmony from a symphony of differences.

From Merriam Webster dictionary on the word ‘weird‘ – “You may know today’s word as a generalized term describing something unusual, but weird also has older meanings that are more specific. Weird derives from the Old English noun wyrd, essentially meaning “fate.” By the 8th century, the plural wyrde had begun to appear in texts as a gloss for Parcae, the Latin name for the Fates—three goddesses who spun, measured, and cut the thread of life.”

So, let’s get wyrd and practice weaving our lives together.  Interested? Email me