Energy Protocol

I will not be the authority figure you don’t want me to be

I will not tell you what you must do, I can only encourage you to possibly listen and feel more of what your body needs right now.

I will not match your anxiety, or intensity of necessity. I will ask you to in all ways care for your body first, to ground and harmonize self. If you need assistance in doing that, I may be of help, but there are multiple pathways of help available. I am never the only one.

I intend to assist the healing, mending, and growth of our personal agency. To support our right to consent on all levels, and the right to make our own decisions. I know this requires awareness of our body in relation to all in both space and time.

I respect the pace our bodies ask us for rest and off time, so we can give(gift) grounded attention and presence to what we so choose. So then at our own pace of body equilibrium, we can establish trust in our capacity to carry the responsibility and accountability that personal agency presents to us.

I will not ask you to trust me. I will not foster a false sense of trust and camaraderie. I will encourage mutual trust to grow over time and space in inter-relational reciprocity.

I intend to share with all that I offer different ways to honour all that we are unlearning. Slowing down, so we can further process the necessity of obtaining clarity or direction Now, and to focus on what your body needs and is moving (receiving/releasing/being) through now.

Space between and time apart is not a punishment. It is a gift to allow more room for you to be/feel/relate with you. Silence gifts us the ability to listen into what is being shared within us, even if it is in response to something that is outside of what we consent we are.

Our relations are not transactional but are asked to be in reciprocity. All agreements that share mutual consent can be of mutual benefit to all beings within the circle/container that the mutual consent forms.

The shadow/light (polar perceptions) that are processed within this container(agreement) is to allow your agreement to inhabit and become all aspects of your body, and to trust the expelling of things that do not support your intention and intake of things that do.

We are consenting to a transformational process for all. We are agreeing to support the disruption/clearing/assimilation/mending/growing and more that is required to access/open to relations with that intention.

Check in with your body all ways.

What do you need now? Rest? Nourishment? Connection? Ask your body what it needs to feel more capable of being an agent of change. Within you. Then, as comfort and trust comes in the process of change over time and through space, we can then feel more capable of honouring that personal agency within another.

How do these statements feel in your body? What surfaces? Is there more that is being asked to be shared initially when you choose to connect with another? What is your protocol in relations to honour agency of all beings?